**A fictitious Megane 6.7 MSTing of "You Can't Always Get What You Want, Part I", written by Tid-Bitz**

>This is a hentia!!! Read at own risk!!! For 18+

Tom: "Hentia? What's that?"
Joel: "A hentai but without a spellchecker."
Crow: "Or a plot."
Tom: [evil cackle!] "I am CornHentia!! I need some TP for my fanfics!"

>Hi, this was inspiered by the Hentia, by Sailor Mac "Divein Intervention."

Crow: "Dive! Dive!"
Joel: [imitiating Star Trek's Scottie] "I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but the main intervention's gonna blow!"
Tom: "Dammit. I guess we're stuck reading this after all."

>More importantly the part about, "Allies that will seem like enamies at first..."

Tom: "Enamie, anyone?"
Joel: " I think I'd rather have an enema right about now."

>Witch she was nice enough to let me writie!!

Crow: "Witch? She's a witch?"
Joel: "She'd have to be to allow this guy to writie a fanfic like this."
Crow: "This fanfic's possessed! Somebody call an exorcist!"
Tom: "Reading this fanfic turned me into a newt!"
Joel: "......"
Tom: "Well, I got better."

>Yes this will have Storm Gryphon in it.

Crow: [sarcasm!] "Oh goodie."
Tom: "And he is...?"
Joel: "Another halpess victim caught in the fanfic?"

>But they way I orgenaly intened him

Crow: "You fool! You should never play God with people's orgens!!"
Tom: "Too bad we couldn't play God and operate on the plot."
Joel: [imitating Dr. McCoy] "Its dead, Jim!"

>to enter the world of Sailor Moon!!!
>All usual disclamers apply.
> You Can't Always Get What You Want.

Crow: "I'll say. Just look at this fanfic we're stuck with!"
Tom (cringing): "Make the bad man stop!"

>Part one: Hell Storm Rising

All: [singing] "We're on the highway to hell! Highway to hell!"

>By: Tid-Bitz

Crow: "If only the fanfic was as squeaky clean as his name implies."
Joel: "But...then we wouldn't be here right now."
Tom & Crow: "EXACTLY!!"

>The Sailor Scouts were in a small fight, usualy nothing, but this monster
>was something elsse! With seven heads, that would keep on regenerating back,
>after you distoryed one of them.

Tom: "'Dis tory' sucks."
Joel: "Where 'elsse' can you get someone who seems to have borrowed Oscar's spellchecker?"
Tom: [nasty twitch!] "Meowr!"
Crow: "Careful Joel. I don't want him to revert into Cat Fist and shred my face again. I'm still recovering from being a robotic scratching post."

>Sailor Moon was getting tired by all this endless fighting so she started an attack...
>At the same moment someone elsse was doing the same thing in a low voice...
> "Storm..."
> "Moon..."
> "Elemental..."
> "Secpter..."

Tom: "Yes, yes, get on with it! Nuke it's ass or elsse it'll kill you!"
Joel: "I wouldn't object if that happened."
Crow: "Here here!"

> "BLAST!!!"
>Sailor Moon stoped short of her attack when this wash of green-blue energy
>just balrly missed her

All: [singing with Raffi!] "Oats and beans and balrly grows, oats and beans and balrly grows!"

>... Like by 1/2"

Tom: "As in Ranma 1/2?"
Joel: "We could really use that psycho axe-wielding version of Kasumi right about now."

>"AAAAhhhhh!!! That's COLD!!!!!" she screached.
>He skin had gone from it's normal pinkish-white, to just blue!

Crow: "Does that mean she's the La Blue Scout now?"
Joel: "Crow...!"
Tom: "Now there was a Sailor Mercury hentaific I could have lived without reading."

>Like the blue on Sailor Uranus Fuku!!!!

Joel: "You don't Say!!!!"

>The monster was screaming "My skin is burning off!!!" (Yes I know the cold
>can burn! I live in Canada!)

Joel: [imitating Bob McKenzie] "So like g'day, eh? Me and my robots, eh, were thinking this, eh, fanfic, eh, deserves to be drowned in, eh, beer that tastes like, eh, water, eh?"
Tom: "If this is another of those 'clearly Canadian' things, then they can keep it."
Crow: "If they wanted to keep it, then just why did they send it over here?"

>Out of nowhere a monstorty of flesh and metal,

Tom: "It's the typewriter from The Naked Lunch!"
Joel: "If Tid-bitz used that for writing this fanfic, then that definitely explains a few things."

>just appered in fornt of the scouts, drew something tht looked like swords, out of it's shoulders,
>and started to laugh...

Crow: [evil overlord cackle!] "MWAH HAH HA HA HA HAH HA HAH!!!!"
Joel: "Watch me strike such a manly seven-headed pose!"

>Before the Scouts knew what happened, three of them were on the ground, with
>slash wounds alover their bodies...

Tom: "Alover? Or a lover?"
Joel: "You'd have to be a masochist to love this."
Crow: "Alover of bread, a jug of wine, and this fanfic...Tis to retch by."


Tom: "There appears to have been a sudden blizzard of these (*) things in the middle of the fanfic."
Joel: "Let's hope they managed to wipe out the rest of the fanfic too."
Crow: "Snow!! I'm getting my skis!"

>The Negaverse...

Joel: "Negaverse, the final frontier. These are the voyagers of the Megane 6.7 , their continuing mission to survive strange, dumb fanfics. To seek out new insults and keep their lunch down. To boldy to MST what no one has MST'd before!"
All: [whistling Star Trek theme music!]

>"Woo-hoo!! Look at the Sailor Bitches getting their asses kicked!!!! I've
>got to recrute that guy!" said Hematite the happyest he had been in a long,
>long time.

All: [singing!] "Happy happy, joy joy! Happy happy, joy joy!"

>>"I'm going there to talk with this guy! And to try and get him to join the
>>Negaverse!" he contuined in a happy tone.

Joel: "He's even worse than an Amway salesman!"
Crow: I'll join if I can just get out of this fanfic!"

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