Tom: "More snow! Quick, let's make a deranged mutant killer monster snow goon and let it hunt them all down!!"

>Sailor Moon looked at her friends Jupiter, Venus, and Mercuary laying on the
>ground like that. Arms, and legs twisted in unnatiurl positions. Juiter had
>the bones in her left leg,

Tom: "Well where else would she put them?"
Crow: "Meanwhile, Juiter had the drugs in her right leg."
Joel: "'Juiter', Crow?"
Crow: "Hey, at least I misspelled it deliberately!"

>portuiding out of the skin.
>Venus had her right arm broken in at lessed five different places, her
>calour bone was coming out of her skin, and had large, deep slashs on her

Tom: "Um, where exactly does one find a brest?"
Crow: "It's at the base of a nepple."
Joel: "Crow...!"

>Mercuary was the lest hurt, with only six broken ribs, and three cracked

Tom: "Mercuary?! What the hell month is this anyways?"
Joel: [mock Rod Stirling voice] "You are now entering 'The fanfic that time forgot'."
Crow: "I wish we could forget it!"
Tom: [imitating Ash from Evil Dead] "If any one of you primate spelling errors so much as touches me...!"

>Her view traveled back to this new arrivel,

Crow: "She's going back in time! Now she can erase the fanfic before it ever begins!"

>she thought to her self *It took out three Scouts, before they
>could get off an attack! I'd say that it is
>bulit for war, and it must be Negaverse! So I've got to take it out!*

Joel: "Impressive. And she figured that all out already?"
Crow: "I figured it all out, except for that 'bulit' part. What? It's firing off its seven heads now?"
Joel: "I'm warning you, Crow; no naughty tentacle jokes!"
Tom: "Why are you hanging around with these Sailor Scouts, Mercuary, when you know you deserve a butter fanfic?"
Joel: "A 'butter' fanfic, Tom?"
Crow: "Uh-oh. This spellchecker from hell syndrome appears to be contagious!"
Tom: "NOOOOO!!! I wanna love to see anither day!"

>Well she thought this the armored warrior had made it's move, it ran up to
>her just as she finshed thinking, and kneed her in the gut, hard!

Joel: "Oh, that's illegal! What that armored warrior did was an illegal gut kneed!"
Tom: "Tid-bitz is making it sound like Usagi's a piece of fresh dough."
Crow: [imitating Homer Simpson] "Mmmm...Usagi kneading donuts...!"

>*I think I'm going to puke!!!* thought Sailor Moon as the knee hit home.

All: [singing] "I get knocked down, but I get up again! You ain't ever gonna keep me down!"
Crow: "Pissing the fanfic away, pissing the fanfic away...!"
Joel: "That was uncalled for, wasn't it?"
Crow: "So was the fanfic."
Tom: "Touche!"

>The creature turnd it's attion to Sailor Mars...

Joel: "Echi!"
Tom: "Oh! Naughty naughty creature, turnding your attion to Sailor Mars!"
Crow: [imitating Sailor Mars] "I did not show up in this fanfic just to get flashed!"

>Sailor Mars could feel it's icey look of 'I'm going to kill you!'

Joel: "Not to be confused with its warmer look of 'I'm going to kill you'."

>The two of them hurd a soft clapping in the back round,

Joel: "As opposed to the front square?"
Tom: "Sounds like this creature's flatulating. A whole hurd of them too."
Crow: "First it turns its attion to Sailor Mars and then it breaks wind at her!"
Tom: [imitating the French guards from Monty Python's Holy Grail] "Ha ha! I fart in your general direction!"

>this grabed the thing in armor's attion.

All: "Hentai!"
Crow: "What were you saying about no naughty tentacle remarks, Joel?"
Joel: "......"

>"Brovo, may I say that you are the best warrior I've ever seen." Hematite
>said, not paying any attion to what the warrior had just done... "

Crow: "What more do you want? It flashed Mars its attion and then she grabbed it! And now, Hematite's not even PAYING for it!"
Joel: "Crow, don't make me open up the back of your head."
Crow: "Well Tid-bitz started it!"

>Hay where'd he go?"

Tom: "Hopefully he took the next possible flight out of this fanfic."
Crow: [hoists up suitcase] "I suggest we follow his example!"

>The next thing he knew was he was on the ground, face first in the durt,
>being kicked in the ribs, and head...

All: [singing] "And everyone was kung-fu fighting!"

>Sailor Mars could here the ribs starting to give way. That's when Tuxedo
>Mask appered...

Joel: "And there was much rejoicing."
All: "Yay."

>From the creatures P.O.V.

Tom: "This creature has Pomegranates O' Vengeance?"
Joel: "Got any of those handy?"

>New thereat....

Tom: "And it's just realizing now how much of a 'thereat' this fanfic is?"
Joel: "This fanfic's going to hell in a complimentary fruit basket, I tell you!'
Crow: "What, no handbasket?"
Joel: [nods] "No handbaskets. That's just how bad this fanfic is."

>.Anialsis compleat.... KILL NEW TARGET!!!

Joel: "Anialsis? It needs bran!!"
Crow: "The creature or the fanfic??"
Tom: "YES!"
Crow: "Give it bran so we can hear that soft clapping in its back round!!"
Joel: "Crow...!"
Crow: "Give me bran or give me death!!"
Tom: "Death sounds preferable, right about now."

>This was came up on a screan in the helmet of the armor.

Joel: "After reading this fanfic, I'd want to screan too."
Tom & Crow: "YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
Joel: [rubbing his ears] "Couldn't you have waited for me?"


Crow: "Oh look! Another freak blizzard in the month of Mercuary!"
Tom: "How will we ever cope with being trapped here and reading this fanfic?"
Joel: "One day at a time, Tom. One day at a time."
Crow: [imitating South Park's Mr. Guerrison] "Oh well, I'm taking home some Tid-bitz in a doggy bag. Anyone else want some?"

>Tuxedo Mask was giving his usual intro speach

All: "Speach speach speach speach!!"
Joel: "Another proud reject of the Hooked On Phonics program."
Tom: "Him English writie good!"

>"Hematite! Go home,

Tom: [singing] "Home, home on the range!"
Crow: "Whaddaya mean Hematite can go home?! What about us?!"
Joel: [clicking his shoes] "There's no place like the Holocabana, there's no place like the Holocabana!"

>leve us alone for a few d..."

All: [singing] "Leve it alone again tonight, leve it alone again tonight!"
Crow: "Well, I'm ready to leve if you are."
Tom: "Where's my Pomegranates O' Vengenance?!
Joel: [going Shakespeare!] A pomegranate! A pomegranate! This fanfic for a Pomegranate O' Vengeance!"
Crow: "Sold! Let's vacate immediately!"

>he was cut off by something hiting him, nocking him to
>the ground, he looked up to see what hit him, only to K.O.'ed by a strong
>fist. A fist the easly broke his nose.

Tom: [imitating Mortal Kombat's Shang Tseung] "Finish him!"
Joel: "What we need is a fatality performed on this fanfic."
Crow: "I'll bring the chainsaws!"

>The thing looked back at Sailor Mars, vanished, and was gone.
>Sailor Mars changed back just as she hured a soft moan...

Joel: "This coming from the same girl who grabbed his attion."
Tom: "How does someone 'hur' a soft moan?"
Crow: "Like this!"
Joel: "Crow...!"

>She turnd to look at Sailor Moon, who just finshed throughing-up anything
>she had eaten in the last day.

All: [singing] "She drinks the whiskey drink, she drinks the vodka drink!"

>"Sailor Moon, are you okay?!?"

Crow: [imitating Sailor Moon] "No, you fool! I've just hurled my cheerios!"

>"I'll be fine Ray." she said as she trund to contuine her vomiting.

Tom: "Is there a doctor in the house?"
Joel: [imitating Dr. McCoy] "Dammit, Tom, I'm a doctor, not a-oh yeah!"

>Darian was the next to regain himself, he looked at Sailor Moon and said
>"Honey, are you okay?!?"
>"I'll be fine Muffien."

All: "Awwwwww!!"
Tom: "Honey and muffiens! My favourite breakfast treat!"
Crow: "Mamoru's too, I'll bet."
Tom: "Not unless he hurls his cheerios first from being in this fanfic."
Joel: "That's it! No more of Usagi's Usual Morning for you two!"

>Sailor Mercuary looked around, and saw Hematite, on the ground, not moveing
>she thought to herself *Could he be dead?!?*

Tom: "I thought he left the fanfic."
Joel: "See, this is what happens when you try to leave the fanfic before it's over."
Crow: "Personally I'm starting to envy this Hematite if he is dead."
Joel: "No leaving the fanfic until it's come to a complete stop."
Tom: "That would be about 10 pages ago, right before it even started."

>She looked over at Jupiter, who let out a slight moan of pain.

Tom: "Look! Yet another freak snowstorm!"
All: [pull out their umbrellas!] "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

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