Joel: "Click?"
Crow: "That's a new one."
Tom: "Someone switched channels on this fanfic! We're saved. No mare bad spill-chekigns animor!"

>The warrior got up, walked over to the two Sailor Scouts on the wall, pulled
>out his swords, picked up Hematite, pinned him to the wall, and started an

[Cue Dr. Forrester!]

Forrester: "MWAH HAH HA HA AH HAH!!!!"

Crow: "The Doc? What's Forrester doing in Tid-Bitz's fanfic?!"
Joel: "Apparently this fanfic is worse than we could have possible imagined. He's digitally edited himself into the fanfic!"
Tom: "Technology has an ugly side after all."

> "Storm... Eleamental... BLAST!!!"

[Chaos is fried by the Storm Eleamental Blast!]
Chaos: "OW!! THAT HURTS, YA KNOW!!!"
Forrester: "Ha ha! Give it up, Fanboys! You'll never catch me! The world is mine! ALL MINE!!!"
Pesti: "Damn you, Forrester! Your mad attempt to get back into Artemis' Lover and clone Oscar will never succeed!"
Crow, Tom & Joel: o.O "WHAT DID HE SAY?!?!"
Mayhem: "We've got to get him before he clicks the remote into another really bad hentaific!"
Crow: " mind running that whole 'clone Oscar' thing by me again? PLEASE!!!"
Pesti: "Hey! You're Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot!"
Joel: "Gee, thanks for remembering me."
Pesti: "Sorry, but we're in a bit of a hurry."

>It's shoulder plats split open, to revel two, energy porjection cannons. Two
>white beams hit Hematite, then the more deadly energy, came down the white
>beams, discrengting Hematite.
>All that was left was a shadow were his body
>was, and damgaed buliding. Then for no apperent reason, he colapsed.

[For no apperent reason Hematite colapses on Chaos]
Chaos: "KYAAA!!! Mayhem. Get this discrengting guy offa me!!"
Tom: "Would someone mind telling me what in the hell's going on here?!"
Forrester: "MWAH HA HA HAH HA HA!!! Enjoy the seven-headed monsters and its attions, Fanboys!!"
Chaos: [getting out from the smouldering Hematite] "When I get my hands on him...!"
Joel: [grabbing onto Chaos' ponytail.] "Hold it! What did you mean by the Doc trying to clone Oscar?"
[The Megane gang and the fanboys pause and dodge the creature and its attions]
Crow: "Hey! Now we're in the fanfic!"
Tom: "This MST just keeps getting worse and worse."
Mayhem: [adjusting glasses] "Deep Satellite, we've got a problem. It appears your resident mad megalomaniacal scientist."
Tom; "Dr. Forrester would rather be referred to as a sanity-impaired, very globally ambitious scientist."
Mayhem: [eye roll!] "Look, while we're busy trying to bring you up to speed with the thickening plot at hand, Forrester's getting away!"
Joel: [putting on Tsubasa's coke machine disguise] "After him! Chaaaaaaaarge!!"

>Sailor Mercuary whent over to him, and foud something on it's arm, She
>opened it... It was a computier, she took out her computier, and interfaced
>with it...

Crow: "Now *that's* kinky!"
Joel: "Crow!"
Tom: "You coming or not, Crow?"
Chaos: "Ne, where'd Havoc go?"
Pesti: "I'd rather just leave him here."

>"WOW!!! IT'S INCEREDABLE!! IT'S SO FAST" she said, as she was moveing around
>in the system of the armor.

Crow: [imitating Mercuary] "Please, be gentle with me. It's my first time interfacing with a computier."
Tom & Joel: "CROW!!!"
Crow: "I'm coming, I'm coming! I just had to get that last crack in while I could!"



[Cue the obligatory Copyright stuff!]

The Curse of the Fanboys! and its related characters, disorders, smiting techniques and situations are all the puppets of my own warped little mind. Thus if you wish to use them, I'd like it if I was notified about it. If you do not...I shall send Havoc to you if you're female, and Skimehime-chan to you if you're male. Hermaphrodites shall be sent both.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and its related characters and situations are trademarks of and (c) 1994 by Best Brains, Inc. All Rights reserved.

If you want to leave a note on the desk of Megane 6.7 about what's gone on here (good, bad or ugly...Oscar, I'm looking in your general direction for that last one), simply write to the following address:

Artemis' Lover still belongs to Oscar. If for some really warped reason you think he was my creation I shall send you directly to the hell of being forced to read Chibiusa hentaifics...right after visiting the hell of the 1,000 cackling Naga clones and the hell of the 100 "Puu!"ing Mokonas.

You Can't Always Get What You Want belongs to Tid-bitz. I must admit this was only going to be a small part in the beginning, but there was too much wonderfully misspelled material for me to MST. And whatever an attion is, I don't ever want to meet it in a dark ally about 1 kilometer away...

Any random mention of certain anime characters, song titles, etc. are the property of their respective owners, creators, distributors and so forth. And Lord Chaos sincerely trusts he shall not be smited for including any of them in his series, let alone his fanfics.

Chaos: "So now do we have to do a cursed trilogy?"
Joel: "Well we have to be featured here. It's a double-billing we've got. Your names appear right next to ours, not above ours."
Crow: "So how much are we getting paid for this?"
Mayhem: "Paid? You're getting paid for this?"
Tom: "Um...we thought the paycheck would come right at the end of the moviefic."
Chaos: "Our author has contractually sealed the fates on another group of fanfic characters. We've never gotten paid for what we've done!"
Mayhem: "Chaos, the reason we don't see a paycheck is because it's used to repair all the damages you cause with getting your sorry super-deformed butt smited all the time."
Chaos: "Hush, Newt-boy!"
Crow: "This fanfic's going down faster than that hideous Those Who Hunt Evas crossover fanfic with Evangelion meeting Those Who Hunt Elves."
Tom: "I'm surprised that fanfic didn't cause Third Impact."
Chaos: "Hey! I wrote that, I'll have you know!"
Joel: o.O "You? Well, it is a small world after all."
Pesti: "So now what do we do?"
Havoc: [hoisting up a bowl of...!] "Jello, anyone?"

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