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Initially a part of the newest line of Genom's 33-C Sexaroid boomers, she was taken in by Havoc and revamped to become his ultimate 69-H Sexaroid Hyperboomer. Unfortunately something went a little wrong during the programming...and now she's loose.
Most of her hentai programming was lost and she's suffered from amnesia ever since. However the first person she ever met was (of all people) Anarchy, and so she imprinted on the drunken fangirl. Naturally no good can come of this.
Originally she was the sole AD Police officer working on the horrifically backlogged F! Files, where anything even remotely connected to the fanboys had to be reported on and catalogued. When SEELE approached her with the opportunity to join Riot & Ruckus, she leapt (and jiggled) at the chance. Now she's Jyuban High's truant officer; students playing hookey beware her stripsearches and naughty tentacles of justice!

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