Wedding Peach

Rating: 2 Rampages Momoko à la Mucha

There is a dimension of evil ruled by the malevolent Reine Devila. She has given her minions the orders:
"All those you find, if they are someone's sweetheart, kill them."
"And all those you meet, if they are someone's lover, kill them."
"And if you should see a couple getting married... kill them BOTH."
Happy people on Earth radiate Love Waves whenever they are in love, and Love Waves from Earth are very annoying to the Queen of Evil. The Love Waves are the strongest whenever two people are getting married. There is one, however, who it is said can stand up to Reine Devila and her servants -- the Legendary Angel of Love Wedding Peach -- but is she only a legend? The angel Limone has searched for the Wedding Angel for a long time, and now, finally, he thinks he has found her...From the pages of Japan's Ciao monthly for girls comes the mysterious magenta-haired and yellow-ribboned schoolgirl Momoko, known secretly as "Wedding Peach", who defends the Earth with heart-shooting and perfume-wafting weapons of love -- and her 2 friends -- and her chubby little yellow love-imp who flies and talks. Lots of magic action, boy trouble, beautiful clothes, and jewelry. It's easy to follow the plot even if you don't know a word of Japanese. And with exciting attack phrases like "Saint Lipliner Lily Rainbow!" perhaps knowing English is unnecessary also! Momoko in her Battle Peach outfit

...Saint Lipliner Lily Rainbow?!? Aiya. This is even more Sailor Moon than Sailor Moon is. Possibly the single most MSTable anime ever created, this is one seriously disturbing series. Magical girls in wedding dresses...okay. While I can understand the whole concept of the frilly wedding dresses and Christian weddings are thoroughly fascinating to Japanese girls, I personally find the whole concept of preteen brides more than a little repugnant. The art is nothing new at all, the music is decent, and the intentionally goofy main characters make it a bit more tolerable, but not much. If you are a Magical Girl fan, you will most likely enjoy this series as itís a great deal like Sailor Moon. If you do not like magical girls, I suggest you stay away from this one, as it is certainly an acquired taste.

Currently only available fansubbed.

Wedding Peach DX
(Wedding Peach Deluxe)

Rating: 3½ Rampages Momoko and that freaky demon chick

A year has past since Rain Devila was defeated by Wedding Peach and the love angels, and at their request, none of them remember anything of the battles (they'd rather live normal lives). Momoko and her friends decide to go on a nice summer beach trip, only to have it ruined by a love-hating devil...looks like it's back to work for the Love Angels!

Okay, is it just me, or is this a COMPLETELY different show!? The TV series was like a carbon copy of Sailor Moon, right up to the ending. This OVA is nothing like the original at all..the characters are actually fun to watch; Momoko may be kinda ditzy, but she's got nothing on Usagi. The transformation sequences are shortened down to about five seconds, and they actually have weapons now! No more of this "Saint Lipliner Lily Rainbow" crap--Scarlet has a pair of swords, Hinagiku has a pair of boomerangs, Yuri has a whip, and Momoko...Saint Grenade Crystal. Yes, Momoko traded in her standard issue magical girl bludgeon for a grenade launcher of love...and that just made the show for me. I mean, a magical girl with a grenade launcher! So what if it's got a great big heart for a viewing scope, IT'S A GRENADE LAUNCHER! Yes, all it took to make Carnage a magical girl fan was a little heavy artillery. One dumb villain and three kawaii neko-chans

The animation has improved a ton (big surprise, it being an OVA) and while the music hasn't really changed all that much (still the seiyuu group FURIL) it's not bad either. The fact that it's a 4-part OVA gave them a lot more freedom to do a bunch of fun stories instead of this whole "Save the world from the dark kingdom" crap. I even managed to forget my revulsion at the whole 14-year-old bride idea--and it seems the writers have forgotten about the bride thing too, since the only glimpse of wedding dresses is for half a second during their transformations. This is quite a bit of fun even if you're not a big fan of magical girl shows to start with or haven't seen the TV series. A lot of the staples are thrown out the window here...imagine having short transformation sequences, actually interesting fights, and dialogue that isn't completely trite! After enjoying this as much as I did, I'm thinking maybe I'll go watch more of the TV series to see if it gets better...maybe.

Herself the Elf sez: This show was just so much fun to watch! I swear, the only thing that ties it to the TV series are the character designs and names....this one was fall-down funny most of the time, while the TV series (at least, what I saw of it) was just lame. They don't take themselves seriously at all, which is such a welcome surprise in a magical girl show. And they get a big thumbs-up from me for one of the funniest villains I've ever seen...this guy couldn't scheme his way out of a coffee can. Add in some adorable bishounen love interests for the girls and you've got a must-see for anybody with a sense of humour.

Only available fansubbed at the moment.

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