Petshop of Horrors

D and his little devil peep

Rating: 3 Rampage

The terms of sale are non-negotiable, and a breach of contract can be deadly... Man-eating fish, matricidal rabbits, mythical beasts of ancient legends--Welcome to Chinatown's most unique pet shop. It has a variety of exotic creatures to choose from; and the perfect pet for everyone waits here to be brought home and cherished. But be careful; what you see is not necessarily what you get.

Count D sells rare specimens embodying second chances for love, dreams, and hopes, but with specific instructions for proper care. The consequences of deviation, as a result, are simply murder. The Pet Shop cannot be held responsible for the aftermath of a broken contract. In an age when man is exceptional at self-delusion, the Count's greatest selling point is honesty. Whether or not the client can handle the responsibility, however, is a matter of life and death.

This is what happens when you make the real Carnage mad.Review:
In a word, freaky. You'd think that with a name that close to a Rick Moranis movie musical, it'd be some sort of ain't. Made by the same awesome team as Twilight of the Dark Master, Ninja Scroll, Bio Hunter, Wiked City (and a bunch of others), once again we have Seki Toshihiko voicing the main character...a biseinen with lipstick and one hell of a fashion sense. In this case, the fashion sense runs to gorgeous Chinese dresses. Yes, that IS a guy in all of the pictures, it threw me off too until I heard his voice. And what is it with these companies casting Seki as an okama so many times? They trying to tell us something (he does play a very convincing one after all ^_^)?

Each of the six episodes is a separate tale, sort of. While there is some knowledge passed on from episode to episode (namely in the form of Leon the cop) it is certainly an episodic show. Each of the stories is about someone who has lost something or someone and wants a pet to fill the gap. Of course, in true horror fashion, they don't follow the rules of the contract and Leon and Count D arrive just in time to see them get killed in some rather gruesome way. As you can tell, the plot isn't exactly original or groundbreaking, quite predictable in fact, but it works for a show like this. The art is just as excellent as in the other works done by this animation team, and the voice acting is equally excellent (Seki-kun is great no matter who he's playing) as is the creepy background music. The best thing for the Elf and I was the wonderful and funny character interaction between Count D and Leon...the Count has SO much fun teasing Leon constantly. Not scary at all really, just rather freaky. But hey, lots of people like freaky (myself included) so that's not all that bad of a thing. Some people (those that like a deep connected story) will probably dislike it, but I enjoyed Petshop of Horrors quite a lot. Good, freaky, screw-you-up-in-the-head fun. Hey, it's got Seki, like you need anything more!

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