The Enemy's the Pirates!

(Teki wa Kaizoku!)

Rating: 3&189; Rampages

Synopsis:Apulo watching everbody act silly
Latell and Apulo are your average pair of pirate-chasing detectives...well, not quite. Apulo is a cat. Okay, he's not a cat; he just looks like with a bottomless stomach. While the partners chase pirates (and indulge in Dirty Pair levels of gratuitous property damage), Apulo's busy stuffing his face with junk food. Needless to say, they're the most expensive detectives the force has ever seen, and the chief's not too happy about it. He's so not happy about it that he fires the duo, along with their sarcastic, egocentric spaceship Lagendra. Now if the three of them can stay alive (and avoid prosecution) long enough to find out what those damn pirates are up to, they just might get back into the good graces of the Chief...and keep everyone on the planet from turning into cats! (just go with it)

High Speed dialogue Review:
What, you've never heard of The Enemy's The Pirates? That's no surprise, not many people HAVE. Even fewer have actually seen it, which is a real shame as this is one bizarrely funny show. A short 6-part OVA series, this show makes no real attempt to flesh out the universe to you. You are given a real simple premise: two wacky and destructive DSP detectives are looking to bring down the leading pirate in the solar system, who has acquired a new weapon that can turn everybody into...cats?? Oookay. Though the animation and music are really dated (obviously mid 80's from the opening and ending tracks) the sheer insanity of the the characters and the silliness of the story push the barriers making it a sleeper hit that is likely to find its way into the heart of many an otaku. We've seen much of this before, but not quite like this, and even in this outing it's still a damned funny premise. The characters are fun, the story is fun, and the high-speed dialogue will have you in stitches every time. If you like sci-fi/comedies, and are willing to put up with lackluster animation in favour of a fun story with silly characters, this is for you. Recommended.

We'd never even heard of this show and there are NO websites on it, so it must be damn obscure. Available fansubbed, evidently (somewhere...).

One of the dumbest looking mecha ever made...