Samurai Pizza Cats

(aka Kyatto Ninden Teyande)

Rating: 3½ Rampages Francine, having a fit.

In Little Tokyo live a team of cats who run a pizza shop: Speedy Service (thatís Ser-vee-chay), Guido Anchovy, Polly Ester and their lovable assistant Francine. Their not-so-secret identities are the Samurai Pizza Cats, defenders of justice and good food! They fight the giant-robot-of-the-day, built by the evil genius Seymour, a.k.a the Big Cheese, and his henchmen Gerry Atric and Bad Bird. Due to the fact that he always loses (hey, heís the bad guy) Seymour explodes at the end of every episode. Itís just that kind of show. To add to all this, thereís a big cast of various wild ní crazy characters (like Emperor Fred, who only says "Fur-ed", or Lucille, Speedyís love interest, who fires missiles out of her hair whenever sheís upset) to round out the insanity.

Incredibly goofy, this is shamelessly silly fun. Character and story depth arenít much to speak of, but when the characters start yelling at the loudmouth narrator, or begin asking for their agents, you donít really care. Every bit as ludicrous as Dragon Half, and just as much fun, this one is recommended to fans of all ages. "Landing on your head can be mentally stimulating!" listen to Guido folks...

Herself the Elf sez: This popular show has been cancelled from most North American TV stations, and there is currently a massive campaign on by fans to bring it back. A shining example of what an English adaptation of anime can really be, the dubbing job is truly wonderful. Apparently the dubbers were given the Japanese tapes and no they made it all up. Understandably, the English version has very little to do with the Japanese one; in fact I've never met anybody who's SEEN the Japanese version. But it's amazing what you can do with a wonky SD anime and a healthy imagination; the result is sort of like Mystery Anime Theatre 3000, minus the original show's audio track. "A fully functioning, Cybernetic, technologically advanced team of superheroes, and NOBODYís got a flashlight?!?"

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