Plastic Little

the girls of Plastic, Little.

Rating: 3 Rampages

Set on the planet Yietta, whose colonists make their living by exploiting the planet's unique liquid gas oceans, PLASTIC LITTLE begins as the Yiettans are finally about to pay off their debts to the Galactic Federation. Unfortunately, there are those who would rather not let Yietta slip through their fingers...
Enter Tita, 17 year old captain of the CHA-CHA-MARU. Together with her crew, Tita specializes in capturing Yietta's life forms for inter-galactive pet shops, but through plain bad luck she finds herself insteda at the core of a sinister plot to take over Yietta. By rescuing 16 year old Elysse from a group of military plotters, Tita puts the lives of herself and her crew in mortal peril...but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! As the plotters mobilize their forces in a desperate bid to retrieve Elysse, who they believe possesses a vital computer code, Tita must play a lethal game of tag with ruthless teams of mercenary assassins! It's Cat and Mouse on a planet-wide scale with one crucial difference: Mice don't shoot back, but Tita does.

In a word? Silly. The animation in Plastic Little, is nothing to rave about, and neither is the story, but the fun factor makes this worth watching (which is easy considering itís only 2 episodes). Plenty of side-splitting comedy with just a hint of ecchi.

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.

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