Excerpt from Beans & Ophelia's "Revenge of the Plushies" fic

Greenbeans: [Ophelia and Beans do twin swan dives into the pile of dolls]
Haruka: huh.. I don't see anyone here.
Michiru: Are you sure we came to the right place..? You never did like stopping to ask for direction.. [wry]
Haruka: blush
Ophelia: (under the pile of dolls) ... think they noticed us?
Pluto: Damn Taiki! He never did notice my good lookin' bod [whacks at pile with the BAK]
Ophelia: EEEP! [makes a mad scramble to hide behind the couch]
Setsuna: Damn him [whap] [oaf] damn him! [whap] [oaf]
Hotaru: Ano.. when did they release the talking Starlights dolls?
Setsuna: [airly] Oh, I'll check my collection... um... I mean....
Hotaru: Collection? Do you collect dolls? Which ones?
Setsuna: [thinks 'all of them!'] Er... I meant... I'll have to check and find out!
[Chaos suddenly leaps into the fray with a Mokona doll!]
Beans: "Chaos?!"
Haruka: "Na ni?! What's he doing back in this rant?"
Chaos: "Feel the wrath of the one hundred Puuing Mokonas!! That lake god will be mine!!"
[Cue Rampage who then eats the Mokona doll!]
Chaos: [SD bug-eyed mode!] "Um...oh shit."
Beans: [Oversized demonic head form] "SHIN'NE!!!"
[Chaos is then smited by the hundred Chibiusa daemon dolls!]
Chaos: "I-i-i-itai!"
Mayhem: "Well it is kinda your own fault."
Anarchy: "I'll say. You don't ask for pain, Chaos. You get down on your knees and beg for it."
Michiru: "Oh, there's a new one this time."
Hotaru: "Ah! Chaos-chan!"
[Hotaru happily grapples onto Chaos]
Chaos: "Oh no, not this agaaaaaain!"
Beans: o_O
Haruka: [cracks knuckles] "And just *what* the hell is this about?"
Mayhem: "Just call this a kawaii albeit no doubt painful prelude to F6!where Hotaru winds up with a crush on Chaos--even though she's still in her 12 year-old phase. The problem is, while Chaos wants to date Makoto everyone else demands he keep Hotaru happy lest she use her Death Reborn Revolution."
Hotaru: :) "Chaos-chan!"
Haruka: "As her acting father, I absolutely refuse to let you date him. The college is still trying to rebuild from your last Fanboys! visit."
[Haruka pulls out her Space Sword!]
Chaos: "Oh no. This is really going to hurt."
[Haruka chases an SD Chaos around the room!]
Haruka: "How can something so super deformed move so damned fast?!"
Pesti: "Do you think we should help him?"
Anarchy: [files nails] "Nah, watching him like this is way more fun."
Hotaru: "Haruka-poppa! Don't hurt him too much!"
[Cue Havoc aka Hentenno-sama!]
Havoc: [groping Setsuna] "Ne, Puu-chan, let's go out on a date! I need to travel back into time to steal Kagome's panties while she's with Inu Yasha!"
Haruka: "He just called her Puu-chan."
Mayhem: "Associating her with the demonic marshmallow Mokona."
Michiru: "This should be interesting."
Setsuna: [eyebrow twitch!] "Dead Scream."
[Havoc is blasted back to his own fanfic.]
Chaos: o_O "Sugoi."
Mayhem: "On a side note, Beans, the scariest thing about Mokona is not its Puu's, but the fact that there's great hinting that Mokona is the god of Cephiro."
Chaos: "No wonder it's collapsing."
Ophelia: "Excuse me, but WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON HERE?!?!?!"
Anarchy: "Do yourself a favour, girlfriend: don't ask."
Beans: "I should seriously write a revengefic that features you trapped in the hell of the one thousand Naga clones, Chaos."
[Beans starts lobbing terrified octopuses at Chaos. Chaos starts lobbing cows at Beans. Setsuna blasts a returning Havoc and panties explode into the air. Haruka & Michiru wind up flinging plushie dolls at Pesti-chan, Anarchy and Mayhem. Rampage just excitedly leaps around going "CHU CHU!"]
Ophelia: [shrug!] "Oh well, when in Rome...!"
[Opehlia joins the plushie pandemonium!!]
Ten minutes later...
Beans: "Aw man! Chaos, your carnivorous, super deformed Godzilla-thingy for a mascot just ate all our plushie dolls!"
Chaos: "Are you saying this is all *my* fault?!"
Mayhem: "Actually when we're around it just tends to be implied."
[Chaos dumps cold water on Mayhem.]
Chaos: "HUSH, NEWT-BOY!!"
^-^ Tee hee.
The name's Chaos. Lord Chaos.

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