PuniPuni Poemi

Rating: 4½ Rampages

Episodes seen: 2 of 2 Poemi

A spinoff of the hyper-insane Excel Saga, PuniPuni Poemi recycles a lot of characters and/or seiyuu and parodies its predecessor shamelessly, and is possibly even MORE on crack than Excel Saga. Now, this show doesn't have a lot of plot (it has to get squeezed in between the insanity), but here goes. As you may know, Watanabe Shinichi, the director of Excel Saga, inserted himself as the character Nabeshin. At the end of Excel Saga Nabeshin had a duel to the death with Koshi Rikudo (the manga artist of Excel Saga) and they don't show who wins....until now. Apparently Nabeshin survives, he and Kumi-Kumi get married and have a daughter, Poemi. She isn't very bright, and keeps referring to herself as "Kobayashi" (the name of her voice actress) and calling Nabeshin "Director". She goes to school and is worshipped by her friend Futaba Aasu.

Things get interesting when a weird half-dressed alien guy invades Earth and slaughters Nabeshin and Kumi-Kumi. Poor orphaned Poemi has nowhere to go, so Futaba and her sisters take her in at their house. Then a weird mecha in a sleeping bag starts attacking the city and the Aasu sisters go into action to save the world. But they suck, so Poemi has to use her magical talking fish and become PuniPuni Poemi to fight evil.

Poemi receives a magical fish from the weird shamisen guy

Herself the Elf sez: But none of that matters, since Puni Puni Poemi is one of the most ON CRACK shows you're ever likely to see. It's just........on crack. Totally hyper and totally ridiculous, you'll be laughing your ass off, gasping for breath, and groaning in agony at the horrible/hilarious images. Lots of gratuitous nudity, but most of it is of Poemi with digitization over all the naughty bits, or of the Aasu sisters in the bath together commenting on how much fanservice there is in anime, or whipping each other in bondage gear. Then there's the alien guy....with no pants....and a ball-and-chain hanging from his groin.....no, I'm not kidding. There's some truly cringe-worthy material here, folks.

The music is for the most part just like Excel Saga (and in fact many incidental BGMs are taken straight from Excel Saga), but the opening song is just hilarious. It features Poemi's seiyuu jumping around and dancing badly on a beach while singing about random silly things like when the bus comes and how she has an itchy butt. The art for the show is pretty much the same as Excel Saga, perhaps a bit cleaner and spiffier, and most of the seiyuu are the same too, so if you've seen Excel Saga you know what to expect.

This show makes fun of itself, Excel Saga, and pretty much all anime in existence. Poemi's magical girl transformation, including her henshin wand, must be seen to be believed, and the second ep is, astoundingly, even more full of painful, politically incorrect insanity than the first. This show is definitely NOT for kids, but it's so funny you'll piss your pants. Nothing is sacred, and if you like totally insane comedy then you MUST see Puni Puni Poemi. Be warned, though, that it's a good idea to see Excel Saga first so you'll get all the jokes. Recommended to all fans of wacked-out craziness.

Available fansubbed for the time being.

Updated 28-03-02