Skipping the details...
All: "Thank you for not taking us there again!"
Havoc: "Well I'm disappointed! I guess I'll just have to play with my La Blue Girl Tama-ecchi now."
Chaos: "Give me thaaaaaat!!
[Mayhem taps Chaos' shoulder]
Chaos: "What?"
Mayhem: "Can I play with it?"
Chaos: "Ecchi!!!"
All four otakus collapsed as soon as they entered the apartment.
"That was rough." gasped Pesti. "I didn't think the Red Queen would ever let you go."
"I know. I like a good anime, but that was scary!" replied Vengeance.
"Ah, glad to see you've made it home...finally." said a voice. The four scrambled to their feet to see Anarchy sitting on the couch.
"Anarchy-sama!" squeaked Vengeance. She ran to her accomplices' side and hugged her. "I've missed you!"

[The fanboys warily look to Anarchy]
Anarchy: "Don't even think about asking it."
"Hai hai. So, have you thrashed my brother good yet?" Vengeance's face fell.
"He pushed me into Wonderland before I could."
"Oh he did, did he?" A dark smile that promised smiting later on came to Anarchy's face.
Chaos facevaulted then SDed "Why is everyone wanting me to be nice? She's the one who wants to get revenge on me!"

Mayhem: "Oh come on! She likes you Chaos!"
Chaos: "And just what the [beep!] makes you so sure, Mayhem?"
Pesti: "Because if she wanted real vengeance, she would had inserted you into an Oscarfic."
"Well if you had been nicer than none of this would of happened."
"She's got a point." agreed Mayhem.
"Mayhem, you suck." Chaos turned to Vengeance and Anarchy. "I challenge you to a smiting dual a sunset!" he said while pointing. "Do you accept?" Vengeance stood.
"Gladly. And guess what?"
"It's almost dusk. Where do you want to die?"

Chaos: "I'm already dying, thank you. Is this almost over or what?!"

The scene was set. The two sides (Vengeance and Chaos) faced each other from their own end of Jyuban Park. The others (Mayhem, Pesti, Anarchy, and Havoc, who finally re-entered orbit and was femme due to the Maze incident) sat between the two to get the best view. The sun was setting dramatically as the fight began.
"I shall show you Sailor Haley!" shouted Vengeance.
"WOULD YOU PLEASE NOT CALL ME THAT?!?!?" replied Chaos as he went SD.

Havoc: "Hai! He much rather prefers to be called Sailor Dragqueen!"
[Chaos boots Havoc into the wall!]
"You go Vengeance! Show him your stuff!" called Anarchy. She then busied herself with eating Mayhem's popcorn.
"Don't you want to visit Tasuki?" he asked.
"Nah, he had to go back to Konan country with Chichiri for a while. Something about saving Tamahome."
"Speaking of the fight, why is Vengeance so pissed?" Pesti-chan asked.
Anarchy sweatdropped. "You don't know?" There was a look of evil delight on her face. "Oh, this should be fun!"
"You're going to pay for insulting me!" Vengeance exclaimed.
"Oh stuff it Vengeance. You suck." Chaos stuck out his tongue.
"I know you are, but what am I?" she taunted. Suddenly, a cow fell and landed two feet from her. "Dork! That could have hit me."

Chaos: "Hmmm...must have been a cross-breeze. I'll have to recheck the winds to make sure I never come that close to hitting her again."
Mayhem: "You want to hit her dead on, ne?"
Chaos: "Was it ever in doubt?"
"That's the point." Another cow fell, but this time it was a little closer.
"Oooh! Take this!" A Chibiusa doll landed on his head and clung there.
"I want that crystal! I won't leave till I get it." Chaos pulled the doll off and launched it at Vengeance. It screamed and headed right for her face. But before it made contact it disappeared.
"You can't hurt me with my own smiting." she said. "Get ready for my final attack!"
"Final attack? But we just started!"
"Tough. Vengeance final attack, fangirl special!" A black cloud formed above Chaos. A sudden bolt of lightning struck him, causing poor Chaos to become as black as Genma-panda.

[A smouldering Chaos coughs out a li'l cloud of black smoke]
Chaos: "That...was rather painful."
Pesti: "That's it! I'm sitting on this couch. Chaos, you just stay right there."
It then began to rain Luna balls on him. Vengeance laughed wildly. "You won't win."
"Oh yeah?" Chaos shook off the soot and glared at Vengeance. "You forget that this is my territory. I know all there is to know." His body began to glow brightly as flames swirled around. Vengeance stepped back in fear.
"Uh oh." A pile of DiC videos fell on her head. She quickly dug her way out, only to be hit by another pile.
"I know your weakness. You hate the DiC dubs!"
Vengeance began to freak out. "Plot holes! PLOT HOLES!!!!" She tried to get up, but Chaos was waiting. He stood triumphantly above her.
"Give up, or I'll send the Doom Tree Series at you."
"No, please!" begged Vengeance. "Don't! That's as bad as Rini. I give up, just take the videos away!" The pile disappeared as the fanboys/girls walked up.

Chaos: "Ha ha! I prevail! I win this round! Now if only I could get one of Shang Tsung's fatalities in this fanficfic."
Mayhem: "Chaos, did it ever occur to you that we might lose some fans after this escapade of yours."
Anarchy: "Or even better: more revengefics against Chaos!"
"Well, that was short," sighed Mayhem.
"Too bad Vengeance. Maybe next time." comforted Anarchy.
"But I haven't smited him for getting my name wrong." whined Vengeance.

All: o.O
[Cue the oversized SD head of Chaos!]
Chaos: "NA NI?!?!"
"A name is very important to a girl who's trying to make herself known." Chaos scratched the back of his head and put on a stupid look.
"Oops. Gomen. I won't call you by the wrong name anymore. By the way, what have I been calling you?"
"Sailor Star Polaris. My name is *Star Sailor* Polaris."

Chaos: "I'll call you whatever I damn well want to, Sailor Star Polar--!!!"
[Cue the Gentle Uterus that crashes through the ceiling and viciously smites Chaos!]
Pesti: o_O "Aya. Am I glad I changed couches when I did!"
Chaos: [groan!] "Curse you, Polaris! This isn't over yet!!"
"I can see the mix up." said Anarchy. "Speaking of Sailor Stars, I have a surprise for you all. Come on out!" There was snapping sound coming from behind the group. They all turned to see a slim figure striking a pose.
Pesti: "Another guest cameo?"
Havoc: "Chaos, you're in luck! Another Starlight transsexual wanna-be's here for you!"
[Havoc is suddenly smited by a Star Serious Laser!]
"Sailor Star Maker, Stage on!" Vengeance clapped and rushed the Senshi. They embraced in a tight hug.
"Ooooh! It's favourite StarLight. Can you sign my illegal copy of your last live musical?" she asked, pulling out a video from...somewhere. SSMaker smiled and signed the box.
"Anything for a fan."

Chaos: [aside to Mayhem] "Ne, Chaos, you don't think he-er, she's going to retaliate for those cracks we made in F1! About how dumb her Star Gentle Uterus was?"
Mayhem: "Do I know you?"
Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "......"
"Sugoi! I think I'm gonna die! I've met Star Maker. Ooooh!" Vengeance nearly burst from joy as SSMaker sweatdropped.
"What's she doing here?" asked the fanboys in SD form. "This is the wrong season."

Pesti: "Not if you're the author of our fanfics. He's got everything from Super S and Sailorstars all screwed up."
Mayhem: "Like throwing them together in a blender and hitting 'frappe'."
"I brought her." responded Anarchy.
"Na ni?"
"Well, I had to. She wanted to kick some ass after she read about how you insulted her attack."

Fanboys: o.O
Mayhem: "I sense eminent pain approaching."
Pesti: "What should we do?"
Chaos: "Run away! Run away!"
At that comment, the guys began to snicker, then burst out laughing.
"How *gasp* can a uterus *snort* fight evil?" bellowed Pesti-chan. Unfortunately for him, SSMaker heard the comment.
"Star Gentle Uterus!!!" The blast hit the fanboys before they could react.

[Anarchy glances down at the smouldering pile o' fanboys.]
Anarchy: [pulling out some hard Lemonade!] "Now this is my kinda fanficfic!"
Pesti: [groan!] "Oooh...I'm gonna be feeling this in the next fic."
"I love you." said Vengeance with hearts for eyes. The fanboys got up and dusted off.
"That's the *second* time I've been hit with that attack. Man, this sucks." mumbled Chaos.
Chaos: "This Sailor Star Polaris is really starting to get on me--!!"
[Cue the Gentle Uterus..again!!]
Mayhem: "*Star* Sailor Polaris, Chaos. Star Sailor Polaris."
Chaos: "Hush, Newt-boy, and get me a splint."
"Eh, that's life. Well, I have to go." said Vengeance. "I have graduation next week. Woo hoo!" Anarchy smiled and pulled out the remote control of the gods. "Bye guys!"
"Bye Vengeance!" called the guys. She was clicked away from view.
"Phew! She's gone." sighed Chaos. "I will never call her Sailor Star Polaris again!"

Chaos: "Hai hai. No more Sailor Star Polaris ever agai--!"
[Cue the Gentle Uterus!]
Chaos: "This is just starting to get a little painful here!!"
"Good call." said Pesti-chan. "I just can't believe that she came all this way over that. An e-mail would of done the same thing."
"Well you know women. They always over-react." No sooner had the words escaped than Chaos regretted it. Both SSMaker and Anarchy hovered over him as Pesti and Mayhem slinked away. "Why me?"
"Why not?" smiled Anarchy as she cracked her knuckles.
*insert smiting scene here*

* * *

Chaos rolled a bottle of Hard Lemonade over the bruise on his head.
"You just had to open your mouth, didn't you Chaos?" chided Mayhem.
"Stuff it."
"I have a question for you Pesti-chan. Why don't you try to date Vengeance?"
"And forsake my Mako-chan?! Never!!"
"You've never dated Mako-chan!" exclaimed Chaos. "You could have dated Vengeance or Polaris or whoever she was!"

Pesti: [cracks knuckles] "Chaos, prepare to die."
Chaos: [hoisting up cow!] "Just try it, Pestichan!"
Anarchy: "Would you two cut it out?"
[Both fanboys are catapulted into the kitchen by an AT Field!]
"That's not the point. I have a better chance with Mako-chan than you do."
The two boys growled at each other before launching into a Ranma-ish fight. Mayhem watched, then realised something.
"Hey guys, now that Morgan/Polaris/B-ko/whatever has a name of mass destruction, doesn't that mean she can come back again?" The fight immediately stopped as Chaos broke down and cried.
"Oh noooooooo! I don't wanna go through this again."

Chaos: [oversized head form!] "Vengeance is not a title of Mass Destruction! It invokes no fear!"
Mayhem: "Hai, but it certainly can invoke smiting."
Chaos: "You stay out of this, Newt-boy!!"
Mayhem: "I'd prefer to. Whenever you fight with Polaris the amount of smitings per page nearly triples."
Back in the Low Country, Vengeance thought for a moment.
"Hey! He's right." She smiled evilly. "And now that summer is coming up I'll have lots of time to write more stuff." The house was filled with maniacal laughter until a female voice rang out.
"Morgan! It's 2 am! If you don't go to bed right now I'll burn your Ranma keychains!"
"Yes Mom!" Vengeance meekly turned the computer off and fled to her room.
"One two, Venge's coming for you.
Three four, better lock your door.
Five six, grab your..."
"Morgan! GO TO BED!!!"
"Yes ma'am!"

Chaos: [sulking] "Right now Freddy Kruger would be a welcome sight."
Pesti: "Oh come on, Chaos? Was her fanficfic that bad?"
[Cue the Gentle Uterus!]
Chaos: [unimpressedly tapping his fingers on the rim of the crater] "You were saying, Pesti-chan?"
The End
Chaos: "It's over! Thank Kami-sama, it's over! Oh, I never want to go through that again!!"
Anarchy: "Come on! Where's your sense of adventure?"
Chaos: "My sense of adventure does not include Anime sado-masochism!!"
Havoc: "Mine does."
[Pesti-chan whacks Havoc with the pan-dimensional Anime mallet of Mass Destruction!]
If you feel that this is page worth (which I doubt) please feel free to add in any jokes that you feel are needed. Just keep my name and a certain degree of the story.
Thanks! Polaris.

Anarchy: [cheerfully!] "No, thank you!"
Chaos: [sulking] "I have nothing to thank her for about that."
Mayhem: "Well, I must admit it was a pretty good revengefic. I just hope no one tries to make me meet an unfortunate demise only because I'll soon be living out my fantasies with my kawaii, little Ami-chan!"
Havoc: "You mean fantasies that have her looking like this?"
[Havoc shows Mayhem another "sexy pose" photo of Ami-chan]
Pesti: "Wow! Now that is what I call one short pleated skirt!"
Chaos: "She wears Lucky Kitty Gym Shorts too?!"
Mayhem: [naturally freaking out!] "Ami-chan Ami-chan Ami-chan Ami-chan!!!!"
Chaos: "Look out!"
[Cue the spontaneously combusting fanboy...which also destroys the apartment in the process.]
Chaos: [picking himself out of the rubble] "[Cough cough!] Now that is what I call one helluva faulty dating chromosome, Mayhem. At this rate you'll never be able to date Ami-chan without exploding like this first!"
Pesti: "A Combustible Campus Fanboy? Cool!"
Anarchy: "Well, Rampage-chan, it looks like our work here is done. You want to go hunt down Mokona again? This time I promise to bring some ketchup too!"
Rampage: ^_^ "CHU CHU!"
[End of the fanficfic!]

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