[Cue the fanboys!]
        Chaos: "*Sigh!* This is just soooo wrong! Our Christmasfic has gone to hell in a complimentary fruitbasket!"
        Mayhem: "Popcorn?"
        Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "Give me thaaaaat!!!"
        Carnage: "I don't know what's worse: Havoc possessing half the cast, or the fact that because he's possessing half the cast this Christmasfic is now a trilogy."
        Pesti: "I vote for both."
        Havoc: ^-^ "I vote for Jello! Anyone care for some?"Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!!"
        Mayhem: "Oh, Chaos, this Christmas card just came for you."
        Chaos: [teary Bambi eyes!] "Ooooh! You love me! You really really love me!"
        Pesti: "Ano...you might want to rephrase that given who wrote it."
        Chaos: [looking at the address] "SAILOR STAR POLARIS?!?!"
[Cue the Gentle Uterus!!]
        Chaos: o.O "KYAAAAAAA!!!"
        Carnage: shaking his head] "Do you think that idiot will ever get her name right?"
        Mayhem: "And end a perfectly good running gag? Perish the thought!"

>Hi, I'm Polaris and I'll be your antagonator for this list. I hate
>everyone, except Vega b/c she's my best friend.

        Mayhem: "Not unless Vega managed to drag Pesti-chan here into the back room again."
        Pesti: o.O

>Oh, and Anarchy b/c she could probably kick my ass.

        Anarchy: [filing her nails] "Ah, she learns quickly. But what's this 'could' thing?"
        Carnage: [teary Bambi eyes!] "An-chan, you're just sooo sexy!"
[Cue the AT Field and smites Carnage!]
        Anarchy: [more Sake!] "Don't call me An-chan."

>And Beans b/c she kicks ass.

        Chaos: "Ha! Beans is nothing compared to me!! I am the real Otaking, and I'm the one who deserves her lake god more than she does!!"
[Cue the terrified flying octopuses!]
        Terrified flying octopi: o.O *SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!!!!*
        Beans: [with Haruka's Space Sword] "Care to repeat that little comment?"
        Chaos: [bowing down!] "Bean goddess! Bean goddess!"
        Beans: "Ha ha! Yes! Worship me, fanboy!!
        Pesti: [eyebrow twitch!] "He really is an idiot."

>And I love to kick Chaos' ass b/c it's so kickable.

        Chaos: [turning into a female Haley] "Hey! I'll have you know that my ass is only so kickable because I work out to tone these babies every day!"
        Havoc: [smacking Chaos' rear] "Hotcha! And what a pert little butt it is!"
        Chaos: [punting Havoc!] "Was I asking you, freak?!?!"

>And Riot, i'm gonna kick your ass b/c you think that I'd like to go on
>a date w/ your little friend.

        Carnage: [nani?] "Riot? Who's Riot?"
        Mayhem: [consults the Fanboys! schedule] "Ano...a new cast member slated for F9!, appparently."
        Chaos: "Let's just hope he's not another mecha freak like Buster Beam Boy over here."
        Carnage: "MEGA BRAND!!!!"

>i'll kick her ass too.

        Pesti: "Hold on...so we've got not one but *two* new fanboys showing up in F9! now?"
        Anarchy: "Ah good. I could use a few new targets."

>Let's see, how many times have I used the words ass
>and kick...? Does it matter? I'm just an asskickin' fangirl who's

        Mayhem: "Anyone else here think Polaris' been hanging around Taitsu-kun from the Fushigi Yugi OAV II series Omake's a little too much recently?"
        Fanboys: "Hai!"
        Taitsu-kun: [consults her Ass-Kicking list] "Next, I get to kick Tamahome's ass...but first Chaos!"
        Chaos: ^-^ "Hai! But first--WHAT?!"

>Get that through your hentai little minds.

        Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! But first, how about some Ecchinog?"[Cue the facevaults!]
        Carnage: "Do you think of nothing but hentai?!"
        Havoc: "Panties Panties panties!!"
        Carnage: [eyebrow twitch!] "......"
        Mayhem: "Yes, I thought it was obvious enough."
        Carnage: "That's it, Havoc! DRAGU SLAVE!!!!"
        Pesti: [pulling out an umbrella] "Here we go again."
        [Cue the gratuitous Cream Lemon explosion!!!]

>Ja ne! and Merry X-mas you pervs.>


        Chaos: [kawaii li'l legs sticking out from whipped ream mounds!] "Gee, thanks Polaris."
        Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! Arigato, Carnage! Thanks to that Cream Lemon blast I was able to steal Pai's panties! I never knew Triclops' were into lace! Ha ha, treasures for Hentenno-sama!"
        Carnage: [buried in whipped cream!] "Damn you, Havoc! When I finish my shower you're gonna pay for that!"
        Mayhem: "Well, now my Ecchinog has been creamified into an Ecchichinno."
        Anarchy: "Yare yare. You guys are *so* pathetic. Tasuki baby, crank up that karaoke machine and bring on the Sake!"
        Tasuki: [half hammered as it is] "Hai!"
        Pesti: [sigh!] "It's like living with a bunch of six year-olds."


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