Porco Rosso

(The Red Pig)

Rating: 5 Rampages Marco and his past

It is post World War I when off the coast of Italy, pirates in sea planes threaten to plunder the riches of any hapless passenger ship in the Adriatic Sea. Only one man . . . er pig, ah . . . pilot can stop them, Porco Rosso. Porco Rosso, also known as Marco by his friends, is a bounty hunter who pilots a sea-fighter plane in his ever-vigilant effort to thwart the escapades of the treacherous, but lovable, pirates. It is not explained why or how Porco Rosso was cursed and was changed into anthropomorphic pig-form, nor does it play any important part of the story. The rest of the humans in the story accept Porco with complete indifference to his pig curse. In addition to his adversarial relationship with the pirates, Porco has a relationship with the beautiful Gina, a hotel and restaurant owner who's business is situated on an island frequented by all the daring pilots of the Adriatic Sea. The relationship between Gina and Porco remains somewhat of a mystery. The audience is kept guessing if Porco has any romantic intentions for Gina. Marco in his plane

One of the few Miyazaki films with a strong male lead , this is yet another animated masterpiece. One thing I like in particular is the fact that he doesn’t dwell on why Marco is a pig, he just is. The characters, as usual, are either deep and believable, or silly (like the clueless, not-quite-so-bad pirates) making them a great deal of fun to watch. The animation is fantastic as always, and the music once again shows how wonderful Joe Hisaishi really is. A great family film, and enjoyable for anyone.

Currently only available fansubbed; is on the list of Ghibli movies to be released by Disney.