Power Dolls

Rating: 2 Rampages Yay mecha.

In 2535 A.D., after decades of oppressive policies instituted by the Terran government, the people of the colony world Omni joined together to declare their independence from the tyranny of planet Earth. Lacking an established military or specialized weapons of warfare, the Omni rebellion seemed doomed to failure. However, by adapting the robotic Power Loaders used for unloading spaceships into man-like battle tanks, the Rebel forces instead introduced a whole new era of mechanized combat. Now, five years later, the future of the planet Omni rests upon a handful of young female pilots who serve in the special Detachment of Limited Line Service. Their code name: The POWER DOLLS. Their assignment: Blow the dam at Chatteau Village! Based on the hugely popular Japanese video game of the same name.

Okay, when Carnage has trouble staying awake during a mecha show, you know something is wrong. Yet another example of a game that just doesnít translate into a decent anime. Rather two-dimensional characters that get NO background work at all, mildly interesting art, no music to really speak of, and a paper thin plot. As I said, itís a mecha show, and it made ME want to fall asleep...very bad sign. Not recommended.

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.