Prefectural Earth Defense Force

(aka Neighbourhood Earth Defense Force

Rating: 3&189; Rampages

Young Carmi Santin got himself in an automotive accident one day, and woke up as a Cyborg with missiles in his shoulders the next...lets just say he was a little surprised. It seems the evil Phone Pole Team (bent on world domination, starting with one small Tokyo prefecture for no apparent reason) decided he was a good candidate for a weapon of mass destruction, but maybe they should have asked him first...his response to these changes could be summed up in four words "I...HATE...JAPANESE PEOPLE!!!!!" *fwoosh* Meanwhile, the neighbourhood governor (...don't look at me, I have no idea who came up with any of this) decides that they will need a team of heroes to stop the Phone Pole Team, so he commissions the local highschool baseball team. Together, Tsukekubo, Morita, Akiko and their coach Roberi fight the evil milk-loving Phone Pole Team...with just a little help from Carmi and his endless supply of missiles.

Right from the opening credits you know this is an incredibly silly show...we get a big impressive scene of the three main characters smashing up some alien fighters, tanks, battleships and such, with this hard rock song playing in the background. then just as the song comes to and end...

Morita: "mrrmmw..Huh? Woah. What a weird dream."

At that point, if you hadn't figured out how ridiculous this show is, you should probably turn the VCR off and go back into your coffin. As Carmi escapes from the Phone Pole's lab, two doctors are having an argument about the situation..."How could you accidentally make an accident victim into a 1,000,000 horsepower cyborg??" "Well...my hand slipped." and it gets sillier from there.

PEDF rivals Dragon Half for total insanity factor...neither shows took themselves even remotely seriously. The villains are totally silly, complete with faceless (literally) minions and incredibly stupid attacks (oooh, he has a bunch of different kinds of glasses...KOWAII!) Very little story, everything here is just an excuse for more silliness. If comedic insanity is your thing, give this a go--you won't be disappointed...broken, maybe, but not disappointed.

Only available fansubbed at the moment.