VS Knights Lamune & 40 Fresh
(Knights of Ramune)

Rating:3 Rampages Bouncy bouncy...

To save the galaxy from impending disaster, Cacao and Parfait are sent on a mission through time and space to retrieve the Fourth Warrior, Ramunes, the Champion of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, Cacao and Parfait discover Ramunes--at the head of the marauding Giga Genos invasion fleet! World by world, Ramunes is determined to bring the entire galaxy under his tyrannical heel (and feel up every girl nearby in the process). With the help of a plucky, determined orphan, our heroines have to save the galaxy from its greatest hero!

PQ! Review:
In a word, HOTCHA! This show takes fanservice to a whole new level, all while keeping out of the feared hentai territory. The story is a bit hard to follow, as we are introduced to everyone really abruptly and it just speeds up from there. The plot is pretty convoluted, but thankfully the general goofiness of the characters, and the overall story, make up for this lack of serious plot development. Both opening and ending songs are waaaaay too catchy (pay attention to the lyrics, btw..) and pretty full of all the stuff you cheescake lovers enjoy. Some people are upset at this one because it's not at all like Lamune 40 & Fire (the TV series), but hey it's still fun so who cares? Besides, I'm the only person you should be listening to, so screw them! Go rent this and enjoy an hour of silly, T&A-laced fun. Recommended.

Herself-the-Elf sez Although I enjoyed the first two eps, the third and fourth (when Ramunes shows up with submissive, busty female employees in tow) made me think twice about this show. The opening song tells us, basically, that girls can't make up their minds so when they say 'no' they really mean 'yes'--ooh, how enlightened. And a number of the female characters are those well-known archetypes of anime--there's the devoted servant of the villain, who loves him terribly and so allows him to abuse her time and again; then there's the innocent Holy Virgin who says 'no' but just can't resist when the villain touches her there...gag me. The only thing good about those eps were the insinuation that Lesbian Love conquers all. *lol* Now I have no problem with fanservice and cheesecake (Hey, I was cheering as loud as the rest of the fanboys at all panty shots in Aika), but portraying women as helpless, passive, indecisive masochists is just plain offensive.

Available subbed from Software Sculptors.