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Ranma ½

Run away!

Rating: 4 Rampages

Synopsis: Got ranma?
In the town of Furinkan in the greater Tokyo area, martial artist Soun Tendo operates a dojo training students in the Anything-Goes Martial Arts technique. (The dojo does not appear to be doing terribly well, as we almost never see any students actually training there.) To ensure that his family continues in the traditional martial arts, Soun makes plans with his old friend Genma Saotome that Genma’s son Ranma (also a practitioner of the Anything-Goes School) marry one of his three daughters...19-year-old Kasumi, 17-year-old Nabiki, or 16-year-old Akane...and thus carry on the dojo together. Unfortunately, when Genma and his son show up at the dojo’s doorstep, it appears that they have both fallen victim to a curse at a mysterious Chinese training ground known as Jusenkyo. As a result of falling in one of the springs, whenever they are splashed with cold water, they each change into the last being that drowned in the spring ages ago. In Ranma’s case, this means he turns into a busty, red-headed young girl, while Genma transforms into a panda. Fortunately, hot water changes them back. the girls agree (well, Nabiki and Kasumi agree) that Akane is the prime candidate to marry Ranma. In response, Akane smashes a table over his to a good start ne? Much hilarity ensues as one by one Ranma’s enemies, friends, old acquaintances, fiancees, and new acquaintances begin to pile up with much action and adventure in their wake.

Review: Genma, practicing some moves.
This series is the classic every-woman-is-after-that-guy show. Well, except for Akane...or so she says. Despite the not-too-original plot line and lack of real character development, it’s still enormous fun to watch dubbed or subbed (Two thumbs up to Viz Video for a truly excellent dubbing job). Hilarious comedic-romantic hijinx with tons of fighting action and cute babes. Highly recommended...but if you’re reading this you’ve probably already seen it!

Ranma ½ movie 1: Big Trouble In Nekonron, China

Rating: 3 Rampages

A magic scroll falling into the wrong hands leads to adventure on and above the high seas as the legendary Kirin comes to claim his bride-and mistakenly chooses Akane! Can Ranma and Co. defeat the Seven Lucky Gods Martial Artists and save Akane from a royal wedding?

Of course they can...this is Takahashi we're talking about..when has Ranma ever NOT saved the day? Rant's aside, this is a fun movie. Hell, it's Ranma, and it's aself contained story, what's not to like? While it may not be an original story (gee, somone ELSE falls in love with Akane and tries to take her away from Ranma AGAIN) it's the characters that make it fun, and fun it is. While I can't recommend this as a purchase, it's a good weekend rental...just don't watch it after or during a Ranma Marathon (which, in and of itself is a horrible idea, but I'll save THAt rant for later). Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Ranma Movie 2: Nihao my Concubine

Rating: 3½ Rampages

After Ranma and Co. are stranded on a tropical isle, youthful Akane, Kasumi, Nabiki, Shampoo and Ukyo are kidnapped by a prince searching for his perfect bride! Can Ranma ("in disguise" as a girl) rescue Akane and beat scores of kidnapped concubines in an anything-goes martial arts bride-off...all while wearing a push-up bra and three-inch heels?!

Again, silly question there. You know the drill: Akane gets kidnapped, warms up to her kidnapper (as all women must, don'cha know *sigh*) then in comes Ranma to save the day...and he does. The end. Well, not exactly, but that's the gist of it. The second movie is more of a silly romp than the first, and I personally perfer it over the first movie. Other than the new characters, a few slightly different twists, and some interesting matchups, this is pretty much the same movie, only more fun. Great silly fun, but once again, no marathons.

Available subbed or dubbed through Viz Communications.

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