Rayearth OVA

The three Magical Knights Rating: 3 Rampages (I'm feeling nice today)

Honestly, I have NO idea why they even bothered calling this Magic Knights Rayearth in the first place; the only things that tie it to the TV series even remotely are the look and sound of the characters, the Powers the girls wield, and that *krunk*ing marshmallow. Cefiro is dying because Emeraude fell in love with a mortal man (Zagato!?!?) and this was forbidden. Now she is trying to bring Cefiro to Earth, but Clef quickly prepares three high school seniors: Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu to battle the forces of Cefiro and save the Earth.

Sound familiar? Nope, it didn't to me either. The animation is considerably better than the series, but quite simply this one left me rather bored. Now, though getting to see Tokyo get blown up good (AGAIN) is always a good thing in Carnage's book, it still does not a good anime make. I suppose if you are a big CLAMP fan you'll like this, but don't expect a continuation to the TV series...or BOY will you be lost.

Available fansubbed only.