Flame Of Recca

The Heroes.

Rating: 2½ Rampages

the heroes, again. Synopsis:
Four hundred years ago in the feudal times of the samurai and the ninja... there was a powerful yet mysterious shadow ninja clan--- The Hokage. The Hokage can control the elements with special enchanted weapons that only they have the knowledge to create, and for that, many have feared them. One day, a child was born--- from the 26th Hokage leader, Ohka, and a powerful female ninja Kagerou--- who is destined to become the next leader of the Hokage when he comes of age. When this was announced throughout the whole clan, some tensions rise. Another young Hokage, who was supposedly the future leader, was no longer in line because of this newborn's birth. Thus, a feel of hatred and revenge has come into this youth, and swore to himself to be rid of the newborn child once and for all. However, the civil war between samurai and ninja was about to break... and because of this, the Hokage's destiny is in the brink of danger. As war is about to break out, the young mother Kagerou decided to save the Hokage's destiny--- by saving her child's life. Using a forbidden spell that allows one to travel through time, Kagerou transports her newborn son away, along with a special arm protector of some sort attached to him, knowing that somewhere in time, this young child will be carrying on the Hokage destiny when he finally comes of age..... The consequence of this forbidden spell--- Kagerou has become an immortal being.... Four hundred years have passed--- and the Hokage newborn has reached its destination--- four hundred years ahead of their time. One day on a wet and rainy modern day....

Ho hum. I'd not heard much about this so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, now I know why I haven't heard much about this...theres not much TO it. The art is rather bland, even for a TV series, the characters aren't all that interesting (that damned princess is SO annoying) and neither is the music. It's not bad, it's just not much at all. Kind of like a boring version of Fushigi Yuugi. Can't really recommend it, but I'd want to see a bit more to be sure.

Currently only available fansubbed.