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Daunted by the sheer number of titles? New to anime and not sure what to look for? Here's a selection of some great shows to get you started!

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0 stars If you have to ask...please leave quietly and no one will be hurt.
1/2 stars Godawful. Useful as implements of torture.
1 star Avoid it. Not even worth the rental price.
1 1/2 stars Bad. pretty self-explanatory.
2 stars Not particularly recommended. From the mediocre to the irritating.
2 1/2 stars Decent. Weekend rentals.
3 stars Recommended. Good examples of what anime has to offer.
3 1/2 stars Highly recommended. The not-so-groundbreaking classics.
4 stars Excellent. Some of the classics that helped define their genres.
4 1/2 stars Not quite a masterpiece. Really great, but could have been just a bit better.
5 stars A masterpiece. Instant classics that really should not be missed, and belong in any otaku's library, young or old.

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In case some of you haven't figured it out by now, Herself the Elf (aka Sarcasm-hime) is my Onée-chan (big sis, for you newbies) and helps with reviews & synopses.

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