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Rating: 2½ Rampages

Six people from various kingdoms are brought together with the sole purpose of fulfilling a prophecy. Each of these six are somehow royal. Yasha-ou is the king of his clan, however his clan has all been killed. Ashura is the offspring of Ashura-ou, who was a leader in his own right (a king in the anime) but was killed by the new Emperor, Taishakuten. Ryuoh-ou is the rather unruly young king of a clan. Karura-ou is stoic the queen of a clan; she also has a magical bird at her command. (Sensing a trend here?)
Sohma-ou is (I believe) also a queen of a clan/region. Last but not least is Kendappa-ou, the queen of another clan/region. These six stars do not know each other at first, but eventually come to be drawn together in accordance with the prophecy. Along for the ride is Kujaku, a trickster type with a third eye on his forehead, black wings and a very mysterious past. He isn't one of the Six Stars, but he plays an important role. The emperor himself, Taishakuten, knows of this prophecy because he has his own seer, who tells him of these things. There is a lot of intrigue and deception, as well as tragic history surrounding all of the players in this drama.

*sigh* I really had high hopes for this one. I'd heard good things about it and saw a few screencaps, and said "that looks cool!"...until I watched it. Well, yes it LOOKS cool, but that's about all it has going for it. The story is frightfully hard to follow, the plot is barely there and isn't even used a great deal, and there is no real character development at all. It's quite obvious that it was based on a really long Manga series (much as X the movie was) and trying to fit 30 volumes of a manga into two half-hour episodes just doesn't work. If you're looking for some nice eyecandy, go rent this and enjoy. If, however, you are looking for something to intrigue you and drag you along a deep and interesting narrative...look elsewhere. Not really recommended.

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