Then a loud "Chu chu!" was heard, and out walked Haruka, munching on an oversized cookie. She also happened to be dressed in a large monkey/rodent-thingy of a costume, complete with a small tie and an earring.
            "Haruka's playing Chu Chu?" Pan-chan/Juri said in confusion, gawking at Haruka/Chu Chu.
            "Well it was either that or Wakaba," Taiki/Saionji confided to her. "And we all know Usagi would drop Mamoru in a heartbeat for her, given how much rampant lesbianism there is in Utena."
            Tomoe/Touga blinked a few times. "You say this like it's a bad thing."
            "So is the entire cast here or what?" Yaten/Miki asked.
            Usagi/Utena shook her head. "We're still missing one crucial player."
            Suddenly Tomoe/Touga jumped out from his wheelchair, ripping open his jacket and glomping onto Minako/Nanami's breasts. "Can't you hear it? The sound of the End of the Plot."

Minako: "Waaaah, Onii-san no ecchi!"

Yaten/Miki: [eye roll!] "Again with the incest thing! What is this, Angel Sanctuary?"

            Suddenly the load roar of a car revving up echoed across the club. And then Seiya, dressed up as Akio, pulled alongside the cast in his red Stingray convertible. "Care for a drive in my Seiyamobile?" he inquired, patting the seat next to him. "I can show you the End of the Plot. Mamoru can sit up from here with me."
            Recalling just what sort of a relationship Anthy and Akio had in the series (that being a just plain WRONG one), Mamoru/Anthy paled and tried to hide behind Usagi/Utena. But despite that, everyone piled into the car.
            With a coy smile, Seiya/Akio floored the accelerator and the car took off down the club, leaving unsightly skidmarks in its way (not unlike the way Akio leaves his mark on things, period). They crashed through the wall, drove maniacally down a darkened street that had a lot of street lamps lining it, and then they hit the End of the Plot.
            Everyone but Seiya/Akio bailed out.
            He drove the car right over the edge of ludicrous insanity, and disappeared. Yet instead of a much hoped-for crash, there was a loud splash of water. Curious, the other cosplayers inched over to the edge and peered down to see Frank N. Fighter's fate.
            Seiya/Akio was in a swimming pool, floating around on a life preserver belonging to the SS Agurooter. The Akiocar had sunk to the bottom of the pool. He crooked a finger to the gawking spectators, inviting them all to join him in the orgy--er, pool.
            "Don't dream it, write it," he purred.
            Abruptly a series of floodlights went on, driving away the darkness at the End of the Plot. And interestingly enough, the End of the Plot bore a remarkable resemblance to the Bandai logo. Hyper genki music started up as everyone raced around the large stone Moai heads. They quickly started to linedance while belting out choruses of "Rose Bride my fic!"
            And right before they could cut to the big finish, an angry mob of SM otaku stormed into the End of the Plot!!!
            Usagi, Mamoru, Haruka, Minako, Tomoe, Pandemonium, Yaten, Taiki and Seiya found themselves surrounded by irate fans brandishing torches, pitchforks and Twisted Tales of Tokyo dubs.
            "All right, that's it," Tim Nolan stated. "There'll be no more of this excessive silliness."
            Jackie Chiang nodded. "This fic has gone too out of control, so we're ending it right here before the MSTiers get wind of its existence."
            Seiya bravely ventured forward, standing before the otaku. "You mean...Sailormoon's ending? There will be no more seasons? We're going home to Kinmoku?"
            "No, not exactly," Ken Wolfe said, shaking his head. "We just said the fic was ending. We didn't say that you'd actually get a happy ending."

Seiya: o.O;;

SM otaku: [chasing after the Starlights with sharpy, pointy objects!] "SHIN'NE SHIN'NE SHIN'NE SHIN'NE SHIN'NE SHIN'NE!!!!"

Seiya: o.O [run away!] "Kyaaaaaa! This is all your fault, Yaten! You were supposed to be guarding the door tonight!"

Yaten: [trying to outrun Seiya] "It wasn't me on the roster, you gender-bending twit!"

Taiki: [dodging a flying flamemail] "Well I know it wasn't Yaten, and if it wasn't me or Seiya then who was running security at the club tonight?!"

            [Back at the front doors of Club Kinmoku....]

Gourry: [scratching his head] "Ano...there was something I was supposed to be doing right now. What was it? Fry an egg?"

Minako: ^-^ [boing!] "Here, you can fry up this Luna Ball! I laid it last night!"

Gourry: ^-^ "Wai!"

Mamoru: [chasing after Usagi] "Usa-ko, wait! Where are you going with Rocky Haruka draped over your shoulder?"

Usagi: >p [piiiida!] "I'm going to haul ass over to Usagi's Usual Morning, and you're not invited!!"

Haruka: ^^v

Professor Tomoe: [chasing Pan-chan off into the sunset] "Mokkori!"

Pandemonium: "Damn you, Otoka-san! Damn you!"

Havoc: ^-^ [boing boing boing!] "Wohooo! Panties for Havoc!"

Yurika-Usagi: "Hey, give those back! I need them for my next Nadesico episode!"

Beans: [hauling aquarium] "Did that restraining order mean nothing to you, Chaos? Stop following me and my lake god!!"

Chaos: [chasing after Beans] "That lake god's my rightful mascot, and you're stealing it from me! Come back here Bean Bandit, you!"

            [Cue Chaos suddenly getting run over by Inspector Percy!]

Percy: >) "I have you now, Roadbuster!"

Chaos: x.x "Itaaaaaaaiiiiii!!"

Ruri onee-san: --;; "Baka."

            [End!! Cue the closing credits.]

Havoc: [standing up on his chair] "Dammit, when's Naga gonna get naked?!"

            And so, with much laughter and applause (and severe eyebrow twitching from all the newbies), the Rocky Horror Senshi Show came to an end. As usual, there was a general state of mass confusion as the various Anime characters got up, collected their clothes, pulled the projectile pocky sticks out from their hair, and tried to push through the mob in order to leave the theatre.
            However, this proved a little more difficult than usual when a large Totoro got wedged into the doorframe. But luckily enough, a killer M-66 android managed to give the Totoro one massive drop-kick into the ladies' washroom. Toilet Hanako wasn't too impressed about Totoro ruining her stall. And neither was B-ko, who was using said stall at the time.
            Much to SPCAM's disliking, Totoro was subsequently riddled with Akigiyama 23 missile holes. Of course, in the process authorities also quickly discovered that a Totoro skin makes for great Kevlar. Ura immediately ordered a Totoro vest for Makoto; of course, he'd have to wait 4-6 weeks shipping before the vest got to El Hazard.
            "Ah, that was great to see again!" Pesti-chan sighed contently as he stretched his arms out. "Ne, Mako-chan?"
            He glanced over to Makoto's seat when he didn't get a response, and discovered she'd been clobbered by one of the plushie Akiocars that had been thrown around in the final scene.
            Ami sweatdropped as he saw Matariel dejectedly following Hysteria out of the theatre. "Ano...Hysteria, why is that Angel wearing a kawaii, frilly apron?"
            "He's my giggle slave-chan now!" Hysteria replied happily.

Matariel: ;_; [with sign] *Kill me.*

            "You know, Chaos, this entire show reminds me of that Choose Your Own Adventure of Kotetsu fic you created," Dark Mayhem remarked with an impish grin.
            "Well, the concept would have worked if that lynch mob hadn't stopped me," Chaos retorted. He warily scanned the theatre before even considering standing up. "Okay, the coast is clear," he said. "I think it's safe for me to stand up without being--"
            Suddenly a large, white & marshmallowy bundle dropped right on top of Chaos' head, sending Chaos facevaulting into the floor. The other fanboys were quite surprised to find Mokona in their midst, but quickly knew what do about that fact.
            "And last requests?" Carnage inquired darkly as he primed a Beam Sabre and slowly closed in around Mokona.

Mokona: x.x "Fuu...Fuu...."

Demolition: [sweatdrop!] "I thought it was 'Puu'."

            [Cue and irate Magic Knight swinging her big-assed sword through the theatre!]

Fuu: "I've had it up to here with your stupid 'Puu' noises! Die, you fluffy white SOB!!"

Sana: ^-^ [launching into a Sana rap] "And everyone was kung-Fuu fighting!"

            And so a large brawl erupted with the fanboys caught in the middle...and causing it to escalate in terms of property damage. However things went seriously awry when Havoc suddenly popped up after pilfering the precious panties from the entire female cast of Love Hina (who naturally blamed the feckless Keitaro for the crime, and then sent him flying straight into orbit). Just as everyone primed their best attack to smash into Mokona, Havoc landed right
on Mokona's jewel-encrusted head.
            "Oro?" he ventured.

Fanboys: o.O;;


            Moments later those lingering in the theatre to read the last of the scrolling credits ("The producers wish to thank Chibiusa for her total lack of presence in this fic") were washed away by a tidal wave of Cream Lemon.
            A few minutes of optimistic silence followed.
            Soon after, Hotaru's head popped out from the whipped cream.
"That was such a great movie!" she gushed ecstatically. "Can we do this again next month, Chaos-chan?"
            She looked over to the twitching hand o' Chaos sticking out from the Cream Lemon. "Jo'o-samaaaaaaaa...." he warbled.
            "I'll take that as a yes," Hotaru sighed, wading through the whipped cream and helping drag Chaos out.
            And somewhere inside the theatre was Galaxia in a janitor's outfit, with only her little crown on, mopping up the Cream Lemon off the floors. She paused and scanned the area to make sure no one was looking. Suddenly she spun the mop around and whispered "Dead scream"...and then she returned to her mopping.


Written by:
His lordship Chaos

Based on the movie:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Produced by: His lordship Chaos
His lordship Chaos' hair done by: His lordship Chaos
Soundtrack by: This is a fanfic, you twits. You can't have an original soundtrack to a story!
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Sake stolen by: Anarchy
Asaba sexy dance choreographed by: His lordship Chaos
Best boy: His lordship Chaos Worst Boy: Anna Respheigi
Plot sabotaged by: Kodachi Kuno
Rapier licked by: Male Maze
Akiocar stunt driver: Takumi Fujiwara
Desolation found by: No one, currently. If you find him, please call the nearest AD Police department, and Kasumi Tendo.
Puchiko tummy rubs given by: His lordship Chaos (nyu)
Rabid Tanuki wrangler: Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

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