Sent in by SEELE to take over the fanfics and actually make sure *something* coherent happens, Riot is a free-for-hire wandering martial artist. As a result he's well versed in virtually all forms and techniques, his primary arsenal of attacks stemming from either Ranma 1/2 or Ruruoni Kenshin. But while his technique is flawless, not a single opponent has yet been able to figure out his Zen-fu gibberish.

Currently he has infiltrated the series as Jyuban High's new student council president. Always carrying his trusty katana blade and infamous for his use of hidden smites, Riot's biggest weakness is that in order to actually fight someone, he'll think of anything and everything as a challenge. Anything-goes martial arts tiddlywinks, anyone?

Mass Destruction Title: Lord Riot
Japanese Translation of Name: Souran
Assumed Name: Zanza Kagetora
Latin Nomenclature: Artia Martialis Zen-fu Incomprehensibalus

Fav. Anime OVA series: Bubblegum Crisis
Fav. Anime TV series: Ruroni Kenshin
Fav. Anime of all times: Mononoke Hime, Fairy Princess Ren
Fav. Hentai flick: Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland
Fav. Manga artist(s): Masamune Shirow, Rumiko Takahashi
Fav. Manga of all time: Ranma 1/2

Age in appearance: 16
Sex: male
Looks like: Ranma 1/2's Mousse

Birthdate: July 19
Zodiac: Cancer
Blood Type: most honourably O +
Special abilities: martial arts & weapons master
Disorder(s): will only compete if it's anything goes martial arts, mega-posing before battle, misplacing his weapons
Smiting technique(s): hidden smite-fu, double-edged katana slice (perfect for Julienne fries!)

Hobbies: meditation-fu, bingo-fu
Dislikes: most dishonourable people who do not live by the bushido of fanfiction

Income: Zen-fu gibberish publications; runs a dojo; owns a kitchenware store

Ultimate dream of all time: To open a most honourable anything-goes, martial arts coffee shop with Yagyu Jubei and Goemon.

Biggest Anime Mindfuck of the Century: Perfect Blue

Fav. food: Chicken Teriyaki
Least Fav. food: Octopus
Likes to Study: anything that is of a most honourable anything-goes martial art
Doesn't Like to Study: anything that is not of a most honourable anything-goes martial art

Anime character he most admires: Mousse, Yagyu Jubei, Goemon
Anime babe he worships: Ukyo
Anime babe he fears: C-ko

Dream date: I shall pursue only she who can defeat me in a most honourable match of anything-goes, martial arts date-fu.

Quote: "Ah, most honorable."

Most Memorable fanboy moment: rivaling Havoc at anything-goes, martial arts panty stealing-fu