Nurse Angel Ririka

Rating: 2 Rampages

the dumbest attack since the Shining Finger Synopsis:
Moriya Ririka is an adorable but ordinary fourth grade girl who just turned 10 years-old, and she receives a present from a mysterious and handsome new senpai. He reveals himself as Kanon, servant of Queen Helena, who needs Ririka's help. When Ririka opens the gift to find a nurse cap, she transforms into the "Nurse Angel of Love and Justice."

In a word, sugary. from the same people who brought us Childs Toy and Hime Chan no Ribbon, this is a dentists dream come true. The characters are all so sickly sweet its enough to make one nauseous. Hell, for a while I thought I was watching a disney flick, the villains are SO stereotypical as is everyone else for that matter. This is basically, the uber magical girl show. It takes every aspect of the genre, and triples them. as such, the story is uninteresting, the attacks are even stupider (Angel Aid Bomb Beam?!?!?!) the transformation sequences are even longer, and the bad guys STILL don't attack during the five minutes it takes for her to change (well okay, only once, but he got his butt kicked for trying, and that doesn't count.) If you like the simplicity of Magical Girl shows, by all means, look this one up. Otherwise, you're better off staying far away from this seizure inducing show.

Currently only available fansubbed