Giant Robo

Rating: 4½ Rampage

In the near future, humanity has been granted cheap energy in the form of the Shizuma Drive. This has ushered in a new era of prosperity known as Third Energy Revolution. Behind the scenes, a struggle between Good and Evil still goes on as personified by the International Police Organization and Big Fire. To aid in the struggle against evil, the IPO have a great robot known as Giant Robo. A young boy named Kusama Daisuku controls Giant Robo and there is some mystery behind him. The OVA series explores Daisuku and his friends as characters against the backdrop of a major plot involving the Shizuma Drive. It successfully combines the atmosphere and design of 1960's anime and those grand plotlines with modern animation techniques.

Needs to be seen to be believed. Visually, itís incredible. The story is very unique, and covers a lot of ground. The character development is top notch. One of the best ever, and not to be missed.

Available subbed or dubbed from Manga Entertainment.