Romeo's Blue Skies

Rating: 3 Rampages Romeo and his friend

This is another lovely low-key art miracle from Nippon Animation (whose animators often work at Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli)! Based on a European children's classic (Die Schwarzen Bruder), the story is set in Italy and the Alps in the late 1800's. Romeo is a boy who voluntarily sells himself into a type of cruel slavery to help his family through a terrible crisis. His good nature and inner strength, along with the help of friends he meets, makes it possible for him to survive his ordeal. This is one of Nippon Animation's shows in its long-running "World Masterpiece Theatre" series of shows.

Romeo on the rooftops Review:
I only saw the first four episodes of this, and was pleased right from the get-go. The art is fantastic (they work for Ghibli, what ELSE would you expect!) the music is beautiful, and the story is engaging, if fairly simplistic. Some of the characters disappointed me (namely the slaver, WAY too overdone, and Disney-esque in his villainy -- he's got less dimension than a piece of paper), but other than that, this seems to be a very nice series aimed at kids, but enjoyable for all. Strongly recommended.

Only available fansubbed at the moment.