Princess Rouge

Rating: 2½ Rampages

Cover for the video Synopsis:
Yusuke is a young, orphaned, high school student who just happened to be late for class one day. Little did he know that his tardiness would consequently put him in the right place at the right time...soaking in the middle of a muddy puddle with a girl who, quite literally, falls rights into his lap!
Rouge, the mysterious girl who fell from the sky, suffers from amnesia and remembers nothing except her name. Ever the gentleman, Yusuke offers her a place to stay until she recovers her memory. After spending many days playing, shopping, and falling in love, Rouge and Yusuke suddenly encounter two women, Kaige and Meige, who claim to be Rouge's royal sisters.
Now, Rouge and Yusuke are threatened with separation... not only by Rouge's sisters who want to take her back home, but also by enemies of the royal family who wish to capture Rouge. Will Rouge be able to accept the truth behind her hidden memories? Will Kaige be able to confront the enemy that was once her love? Will Rouge and Yusuke have to say good-bye to the love that has grown between them?

Take Saber Marionette J, turn the three marionettes into princesses from the underworld, add in way too many cheesy romantic scenes, introduce a 'monster of the day' type storyline, and you'd have Princess Rouge. While I wasn't exactly a fan of Saber J, this show tries way too hard in all the wrong places, and not hard enough in the right ones. The story is so overused at this point I barely even gave it notice, and the characters were pretty two-dimensional. Saber J was cute, silly fun, with a tiny bit of drama and romance occasionally. Princess Rouge is tons of drama and romance, with a tiny bit of cute, silly fun occasionally. While it's hardly awful, it's still really mediocre; the animation and music are nothing big at all, but at least the voice cast is full of heavy weights. Unfortunately, they still can't balance this one out, and in the end it leaves one feeling kinda underwhelmed. Not really recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: I found that the romantic comedy elements were the stronger in this show, and I get the impression that it would have worked better than it does if they had dropped the whole alien-princess monster-fighting element altogether and just concentrated on the relationships between Yusuke and the girls à la Ah! My Goddess.

Available subtitled from AnimeWorks.