Roujin Z

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Rating: 4½ Rampages

By the year 2020, a quarter of Japan's population will be over 65, the highest proportion of old people in any industrialised nation. With this as his inspiration, Katsuhiro Otomo - internationally acclaimed for his cyberpunk masterpiece Akira - has created another bold vision of the future in Roujin-Z. Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo, it presents a solution to the problem of elderly care in the form of Z-001, a robotic life-support system programmed to respond to a pensioner's every need with maximum efficiency and minimum compassion.
Young nurse Haruko's patient is chosen to be the first victim--ah, test subject for the device, but Haruko knows that her patient hates being strapped inside the hi-tech prison. When she tries to contact him through various means, well... let's just say that Roujin Z has other capabilities besides just health care. Will Tokyo survive the debut of Roujin Z? Will Haruko keep her job? Will her dorky friends go to jail? And why in the world does Roujin Z seem to be inhabited by the spirit of the patient's deceased wife?

Hi, honey! Review:
A wonderfully entertaining movie that has appeal for all ages. Funny and absorbing with a decidedly unique plot and beautiful (if underplayed) art, Roujin Z is highly recommended to every otaku and would also be a great movie to use when introducing someone to anime.

Available subbed or dubbed from US Manga Corps.