So You Want To Be A Manga-ka?

Sarcasm-hime: Ok, here's what we're looking for. We've got lots of people clamouring for more Fanboys Manga, but I just don't have the time to do it all myself. So I'm looking for a bit of help. It's not really a paying gig (we might be able to take a small collection for an artist, but it wouldn't be huge), but it would be fun and great practice for anybody wanting to go into comics.

When you send in your samples (.JPG or .TIF are best, please make it 3 megs or less) it would be very helpful if you'd include as many of the following as possible:

I'd suggest taking a small scene from your favourite fic and drawing it. Not everybody has to be everything, of course. If you just want to pencil, or ink, or do backgrounds, or mecha, or whatever, say so and send us just that. We might end up delegating jobs like this anyways.

Now we're all going to be professional about this. If what I see doesn't measure up to what we're looking for, I'll say so and offer some constructive criticism if you'd like. But what it comes down to, really, is this. Before you send in your stuff, take a hard look at it and consider whether it is on the same level as the pics we've got up on the page. I say this because I've seen a lot of fanart and I can say quite honestly that most of it doesn't measure up, simply because the people involved just don't have the practice needed. I've been drawing and publishing comics for more than five years now, and my drawing has improved TREMENDOUSLY since I started. So be honest with yourself. Are you there yet?

On the other hand, simple fanart is most appreciated and welcome and is not subject to any sort of restrictions. ^_^

Send all samples to me as opposed to Carnage.