Lord of Lords Ryu Knight - Adeus Legend

Lots of stupid-looking SD mecha

Rating: 2 Rampage

Somewhere or other in a kind of medieval fantasy world (complete with SD mecha...) a man claims to be the strongest knight in the world, although it's rumored that he's sold his soul to the side of evil... A young man who's been loyal to the knight for 5 years suddenly changes sides, with the aid of a somewhat intelligent (and goofy-looking) mecha--a 'ryu.' Meanwhile, a princess who has the ability to seal spirits is being hunted by at least a couple forces of green-skinned evil. She has one knight to protect her--the guy's rather guilt-ridden for a past failure, though. Of course these people wind up getting together...

Great, more really stupid looking SD Mecha. While not agonizingly horrible, this OVA is certainly far from what I'd call good. The mecha look like they took the stereotypical fantasy characters and squashed them down into SD form. Thus they have a 'ninja' mecha, and, I kid you not, a 'priest' mecha. They're so silly-looking that it's really distracting and impossible to take the show seriously. And since it's not pitched as a wacky nonsensical comedy, that's bad. This show left very little impression on me--the best I can say about it is that it's very average and not particularly memorable, from animation to music. Not recommended.

Currently only available fansubbed.

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight TV

Rating: 2 Rampage

Adeu and his goofy mech Synopsis:
Young Adeu aspires to be the strongest knight in all of Earthia...too bad heis a little over-eager in his endeavour. Combined with his magical Ryu Knight armor, and skill with a sword, he heads off towards the giant Earth Blade (a mile high sword sticking out of the planet) to prove his worth. Along the way, he meets everal other travellers, A young princess and her two protectors, who appear to be heading in the same direction...and also have Ryu Knights of their own! Despite his misgivings about travelling with a group, after seeing them in action he decides to join them and help protect the dear Princess (as a knight should) from any danger that befalls them...well, just as soon as he can get over the fact that everyone around him is a Ryu master too...

Wow. What a difference. While the OVA was slow and plodding, this one cuts right to the chase, and is actually funny! The animation is not as clean as the OVA (what do you expect?) but the story takes off nice and early and keeps up the pace fairly well, all the while mainting a healthy dose of wacky comedy to accent the rather wacky designs. That was probably what annoyed me the most about the OVA...the lack of any real comedic moments (well, any intentionally comedic moments) which just sucked the fun right out of the show. This, on the other hand, was actually quite entertaining. While the mechanical designs are rather silly looking (to say nothing of the characters themselves) the action scenes are pulled off well, and the comedic scenes are actually funny (sorry, but idiot kinght heroes make me laugh). The character interaction is good so far, and while the roles are rather cliched for the most part, at least the princess is not some helpless little fluffhead...give her a magic wand and she'll be introducing you to a world of hurt (in a pink mecha of course...). While I've only seen the first three episodes, I'm not holding a lot of hope for a big and original story, but I will probably wach the rest of the series as it is still pretty entertaining. Far from the best wacky fantasy show I've seen, but still not even close to the worst, Ryu Knight is a pretty good watch if you want some light fantasy comedy. Good clean fun for all ages.