RurouniZel's fanficfic:

              Enter His Lordship Mayhem's follower!!

       It was your typical day in the Fanboys apartment, which by most standards atypical. Chaos (in female form) was deciding on what color blouse he should wear today, Pesti-chan was sipping (who are we kidding?) chugging some Hard Lemonade, Mayhem was checking the stocks to see if luck might be improving (this is never the case, but I'm ranting), and Havoc was...well we know what he was up to, and Carnage was cooking (no good can come of this).
       "Chaos, how LONG are you going to waste deciding on your clothing!!" Pesti-chan shouted into Chaos' room, "We're going to be late to our study session with my Mako-chan and the other Sailor senshi."

       (Author's note: WHY they keep inviting them is beyond me.)

       "WHO'S MAKO-CHAN??" stormed Chaos as he (er uh...she) stormed out of his room, naked from the waist up.
       "Yare Yare. Chaos you shouldn't go around the apartment like that or--"
       "Something like this will happen!" Havoc inserted as he groped Chaos' bosom. "My you're looking spry today."
       "SHIN'E!!!" Chaos screamed as Havoc was punted out of the fanficfic.
       "Hentai!" Chaos screeched.
       "Oy oy," Pesti-chan intervened, "Someone's GOT to do something about him."
       KNOCK KNOCK!! There was a knock of the door.
       "Hmmm, funny we weren't expecting anyone were we?" Chaos asked.
       "I'm sure we were gathering at Rei's temple, not here." concluded Pesti-chan.
       "Who could it be then," Carnage asked peering from the kitchen (thankfully for all, the KNOCK KNOCK!! had stopped his cooking).
       "Naoko Takeuchi?"
       "DIE YOU, DIE!!" Chaos shouted as a cow fell on Havoc for no apparent reason.
       "Well, answer the door already, this is worse than a Fushigi Yuugi cliffhanger," Mayhem retorted as he sat on the couch.
       "Nah, no such thing!" Chaos answered.
       Chaos opened the door to reveal a man about 5' 2" standing in front of the doorway. He sported a red kimono with white hakama, purple socks, and sandals. On his belt he was wearing a sword on his left side, and had an X scar on his cheek. Basically imagine Himura Kenshin, but this one had blue hair.
       "Oro? Umo, is this the residence of...uh...His Lordship Mayhem de gozaru?" asked the person at the door.
       "Yeah, I'm Mayhem" Mayhem answered, standing from the couch to approach the newcomer. "Do I know you?"
       "Iie, demo."
       (dramatic pause)
       "I'm a major follower of yours de gozaru!"

       (Cue the facevaults of everyone in the room, 'cept for Mayhem, who's actually flattered)

       "Mayhem has a follower?" Chaos asked in disbelief.
       "Not to hard to believe. I mean I AM the normal one here," Mayhem boasted.
       "You call a faulty dating chromosome that results in you spontaneously combusting whenever seeing Ami-chan and turning into a newt when splashed with cold water NORMAL??" An SD Chaos shouted.
       "Hush you, cross-dressing freak!"
       "I'm NOT A FREAK!! I happen to be a GREAT judge of color, better than even MOST GIRLS!!"

(Cue the facevaults)

       " gozaru...."
       "Oh yes that's right" Mayhem said, remembering the man at the door, "Come in, come in."
       The stranger sat himself on the couch, he looked around the disaster area that made up the living environment of the Fanboys.
       "Want some Hard Lemonade?" Pesti-chan offered.
       "Arigatou de gozaru" the stranger said as he accepted the bottle from Pest-chan.
       "So, what business brings you here today?" Mayhem asked, being polite to his follower.
       "Hai hai. I've come here to day to ask if you would be willing to take me in as your Underlord in Training de gozaru."
       "My...Underlord in Training?" Mayhem asked.
       "Hai, de gozaru"
       "I see, so what's your name?"
       "RurouniZel, de gozaru."
       "RurouniZel eh? Well lemme see, what can you do?" Mayhem asked. Rampage jumped onto the stomach of RurouniZel. RurouniZel petted him.
       "Well, I'm a good caretaker of SD Godzilla-thingys for mascots de gozaru."
       Chaos perked up with littl' cat ears. "That's promising."
       "Looks like Chaos likes this guy already," Pesti-chan commented.
       RurouniZel looked up at Mayhem from Rampage, "I'm also good at laundry de gozaru."
       "He's in!" Chaos and Pesti-chan chorused.
       "Look at 'em, they don't even KNOW the guy and they like him," Anarchy inserted, entering from the other room with Tasuke.
       "Well that's good, really good," Mayhem commented, "Is there anything else I should know?"
       "Well, I'm a master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, using this Sakaba-tou gozaru." RurouniZel said, patting the sword on his left side.
       Carnage frowned "Awww Sakaba-tou is no fun. Can't hack people up with it."
       "Could you care to demonstrate your Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu for me on the baka to my right," Mayhem asked, pointing to Chaos.
       "HITEN MITSURUGI RYU, RYU TSUI RAW TILT!!!" RurouniZel shouted as Chaos was smitted both in the physical world and the astral plane.
       "Ah...nice combination," Mayhem said.
       "Arigatou de gozaru"
       "KYAAAAAA!! WHY DID I HAVE TO BE THE DUMMY!?!" shouted a frantically SD Chaos.
       "I think you'll make a good underlord in training Mr. RurouniZel. When do you wish to start?" Mayhem asked.
       "Now is fine, de gozaru"
       "Ok, then! On with the TRAINING" Mayhem shouted, getting excited as a tsunami crashed behind him.

       (End of part 1)

       I wanted to try and insert myself into a Fanficfic. What did you think? Rurouni Zel