Saber Marionette J

A boy and the marionettes who love him

Rating: 3 Rampages

A crippled spaceship is orbiting a planet. On board, emergency evacuation is underway, but an explosion destroys the ship. Only a small lifeboat survives with 6 men on board. Many years later, cities have sprung up on the planet. This society is made up of clones of the 6 survivors. In Japoness, a young man named Otaru makes a meager living doing odd jobs. He accidentally stumbles on an activation tube for a marionette. Marionettes are female robots that are usually mindless automatons with no personality. This one is called Lime and the first thing she does is say she loves Otaru! Lime is a wide-eyed child who is devoted to Otaru and has massive strength and speed (:-)). This action-comedy follows the misadventures of the impoverished Otaru. Things pick up when he accidentally (of course) picks up 2 more marionettes (Cherry and Bloodberry) who also love him!

Oh my, this was a shock. Just about everything about this series is in-your-face. The character introductions, the story, it all hits you like a ton of bricks. And this is NOT a good thing. Originally, I was really unimpressed by the story, but it does get better near the end. Still feels like a take on the 'Nuku Nuku' story (young boy gets tough, nubile robot that protects and loves him) but it's more tollerable now that I've seen it all. Very cutesy animation style, little character depth but as I said, it does get better later on. Still not highly recommended all that much, but you might like it more than I did if you like these cute comedy/dramas. Megumi Hayashibara does Limeís voice, so thatís one reason to check it out yourself.

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