Sailor Victory

Rating: 3 Rampages cover for the video

Five female high school friends reunite as the secret crime fighting organization known as Sailor Victory. Commanding three giant Ninja robots, Gion, Momoyama, and Sagano, they fight against evil in the virtual-future of Mikado City.

When a disgraced and disgruntled city official turns to the dark side, he joins forces with the evil and sinister Margarita. While his agenda is merely to humiliate Sailor Victory, Margarita's is the complete and total annihilation of the city! Only the sweet and innocent girls of Sailor Victory can protect the fair city from the witch's wicked power.

Now, I'd really like to know what was going through the heads of the creators of Graduation when they decided to make this show...okay, take the girls from the aforementioned shoujo game, dump them in some rather silly looking Ninja Mecha, pit them up against some equally silly evil mecha, and throw in some giant cherry blossoms for good measure. Mix, and serve. Voila, you have Sailor Victory. No complex story, no gut wrenching romance, just silliness and lots of it. I especially liked the girl who had to work as a temp at the police station...every time she gets mad at them for pushing her around she takes comfort in the fact that their ineptitude prevents them from ever beating the bad guys. While most of the music is pretty standard, the opening theme was cheerful and bouncy, which fits the show perfectly. If you liked the original Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, then chances are you'll find Sailor Victory just as much fun. Recommended to anyone with a healthy sense of humor.

Herself the Elf sez: Another wacky and fun thing about this show was its uncanny resemblance to Little Tokyo of Samurai Pizza Cats fame. The buildings and backgrounds looked eerily similar, and the bad-guy robots were goofy-looking enough to fit in quite comfortably with the Big Cheese's creations. Gotta wonder if they had some animators or character designers in common...

Available subbed or dubbed from Media Blasters.