Mysterious Thief Saint Tail

(Kaitou Saint Tail)

Rating: 2 Rampages The Saint Tail Team

Kaitou Saint Tail is the story of a young and energetic 14-year-old girl named Haneoka Meimi who attends St. Paulia Academy. At night she turns into the Mysterious Thief Saint Tail and sets about town righting wrongs (usually stealing back things that innocent victims have been cheated out of) under the council and direction of her friend Mimori Seira. Seira also attends St. Paulia and is a nun in training. Feeling that they have no other hope, people come to the church to pray for God's help, and Seira listens to their stories. Later, after having been told by Seira about the person's plight, Meimi changes into St. Tail and bounds off in the night to steal back the article in question. These have ranged from jewels, tiaras and mirrors to trees, small buildings and little dinosaurs.

Now, no matter how just the cause, stealing is still a crime. Meimi's classmate, Asuka Jr has dedicated himself to catching St. Tail. The fact that Meimi sort of has a fondness for Asuka does complicate matters a bit. It is a fondness that he returns but it seems split between the elusive St. Tail and Meimi herself. Early in the series Asuka Jr. challenged St. Tail not to commit any crimes without telling him first. So, Meimi always leaves little 'challenge notes' before each heist, telling him where and when she will strike. All along, Asuka Jr. has no idea that Haneoka Meimi and Saint Tail are one in the same person.

Ano...this is another show that would SO never make it past the Concerned Mothers of America; A 13 year old Nun in training (??) who takes the information she gets from confessions (!?!?!?!?) and gives it to her friend so she can steal the things that will make these people happy again. Oh yeah, they'd have a field day with this. Brushing aside the fact that Nuns don't take confessions, and even if they did, telling anyone information from a confession is a good way to get yourself excommunicated, it is an interesting premise to say the least. Meimi's mom and dad are fun to watch, but would someone please explain why of all the anime mascots they could have gone with, they chose to go with a hedgehog (I'd also like to know how the heck she managed to get that bow in its "hair" without stabbing her fingers a few dozen times)?

Ah well, it's fun all the same, even if it deosn't make a lot of sense. The story is kind of like a cross between Card Captor Sakura and Detective Conan, which is kinda funky with the scooby doo villains and everyone looking like kids. It's not as fun as either of the two series it looks like, but it's still a lot more fun than many other magical girl series out there. While the animation looks somewhat old, and the music isn't particularly interesting, the characters are fun to watch and it doesn't exude uber-kawaiiness from everywhere like so many other shows aimed at this demographic. I don't see anyone really hating this, but I don't exactly see a lot of people falling in love with it either. Worth a look, but its staying power will depend on your personal preferences. Good clean fun.

Only available fansubbed at this time.