Magical Girl Pretty Sammy

Rating: 2 Rampages

Sasami and her bludgeon Synopsis:
Queen Tsunami chooses a young schoolgirl, Sasami, to be her champion on Earth, and to restore the balance of good in the universe. Don't miss this silly spin-off from the popular Tenchi Muyo series starring Sasami, Mihoshi, and a talking Ryo-ohki in an alternative world!

Please DO miss this insipid, sugary Magical Girl show. The many sarcastic attempts at humor just can't outweigh the horrible Magical Girl story or the sugary music. the animation is exactly the same as Tenchi, which is a bad point against it since there are about a dozen series out there that look exactly like tenchi, and have better stories too. nowhere near as interesting or funny as Tenchi, this is a rather unfortunate show that really didn't need to be made.

Available subbed or dubbed from Pioneer Animation.

Ain't animated gifs grand?