pic from the manga

Rating: 3 Rampages

As children, Akira Hojo and Chiaki Asami survived the horrors of the Cambodian killing fields together. After emigrating to Japan, they resolve to transform their adopted country, to create a "Sanctuary" for themselves. Asami embarks on a promising political career and Hojo ascends through the ranks of the Japanese crime syndicate. Now Hojo has launched a scheme to turn the yakuza into a legitimate business, and Asami is attempting to amend the Japanese constitution...

Based off the Manga by the same name, this is a very intriguing piece. The animation isn't fantastic, but is certainly good for when it was done (not to mention almost completely faithful to the Manga). Quite a few twists and turns, and both main characters are interestingly complex. I personally think it would probably have fared better as a series instead of a movie (one shots based on an already defined story rarely work as well as they should) but it still tells it's story well, and manages to pull of just enough closure to keep the viewer both happy, and intrigued. If you like suspenseful, political and criminal manoeuvring, then this is for you.