A bizarre and twisted mix of Anime fantasy characters, she is at times either a kawaii li'l fairy called Herself the Elf...or else a rather unfriendly Dark Elf known as Princess Sarcasm. Originally turned cute by the mad scientist Diol, she now alternates between good & evil dispositions depending on whether or not she's wearing her hair ribbon. If she's over-exposed to uber-kawaii things, she reverts into fairy mode to escape the pain. Naturally this means Sarcasm detests Hysteria.

Armed with a killer Zanba spatula, Sarcasm-hime's more proof that female avatars can kick ass on a whim. Her main hobby is gathering a small harem of handsome Anime studs to cater to her every desire, with Zelgadis leading the pack, Mosquiton playing the hapless butler, and SD Chic & Gorgeous as her faithful attendants.

Mass Destruction Title: Sarcasm-hime
Japanese Translation of Name: Hiniku
Assumed Name: Himeko Izumi
Latin Nomenclature: Spatula Demihumana Acerbica Haremis Licentia

Fav. Anime OVA series: Master of Mosquiton, Fairy Princess Ren & Here is Greenwood
Fav. Anime TV series: Tenkuu no Escaflowne, Slayers & Kodomo no Omocha
Fav. Anime movie: Mononoke Hime & Whisper of the Heart
Fav. Anime of all times: Dragon Half
Fav. Hentai flick: Aika (well it's certainly twisted if not perverted), My Fair Masseuse (a hentai heroine who likes sex! imagine that!) and Ai no Kusabi
Fav. Manga artist(s): Hiroaki Samura, Masakazu Katsura, Adam Warren
Fav. Manga of all time: Blade of the Immortal
Fav. Web Page: The Den of Sarcasm

Age in appearance: 19
Looks like: Maki Izumi of Nadesico, if she were an elf
Sex: Female

Birthdate: August 6
Zodiac: Leo
Blood Type: "Evil" positive
Special abilities: Naga/Kodachi cackle, use of Zanba spatula, gathering harems of Anime studs
Disorder(s): Lady Une schizoid disorder (from cute fairy to killer elf), being just so damned irritating in fairy mode
Smiting technique(s): Zanba Spatula Smite, Spatula Blade Arrows, or getting one of her bishies to take someone out

Herself the (Kawaii) Elf Hobbies: Karaoke, use of sarcastic witticisms, gathering her harem of Anime studs
Fetishes: Guys with blue skin, pretty bishounen in hakama gracefully dismembering people. Who wouldn't find that sexy?
Dislikes: Mecha pissing contests (Like I CARE who gets to pilot the Gundam!!), giant green tentacle-sex aliens, stupid people, Mokona, Demolition, Havoc sampling her cookies. Becomes extremely frustrated and irritable whenever witnessing one of those tension-filled romantic moments where nobody will make the first move because they're too shy so nothing happens. Just jump 'im for Urd's sake! ARGH!

Income: Renting out the Bishies

Ultimate dream of all time: I'm living it, baby. Oh Zel-chan, time for my full body rubdown...!

Biggest Anime Mindfuck of the Century: The End of Evangelion. What the HELL was that?!?! First they release five million different versions (Death & Rebirth, etc), and then there's this! Let's just play random live-action footage while Shinji asks deep questions like "is this reality? What is a dream?" ARGH!!!!!

Fav. foods: Oyakodon(baka), bishiesoise soup
Least Fav. food: Anything that never goes bad, like Twinkies. They scare me.
Likes to Study: bishounen
Doesn't Like to Study: anything not associated with yummy bishounen

Anime character she most admires: "Ice" Hilda from Outlaw Star. She is hands down the coolest woman I've EVER seen in anime. She runs her own ship, kicks ass and doesn't take shit from anyone. She's been everywhere and done it all, and has no qualms about seducing hapless young men for her entertainment. Woohoo!

Fav. Anime mascot: Babbit from Kodocha.

Anime stud she worships: Zelgadis, with Marron a close second. Then there's my Harem...
Anime stud she fears: Gato. ("Put it back on! Put it back on!")

Dream date: A romantic candlelight marshmallow-roast with Marron-kun while we listen to the agonized "Pu! Pupuuuuuuuuu!"s. Either that or an exhilarating session of blowing things up (McDonald's, the Barbie Store) with Zel. ^_-

Quoted as saying: "WOH HOH OHO HO HOH HO HO OHO HOH HO OHO!!!!!"

Most Memorable Fanboy Moment:
          Sarcasm: Ehehehe. Sorewa himitsu desu! Isn't that right, Zel-chan? [naughty grin]
          Zel: *blush*
          Sarcasm: Puri-puri!