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A bizarre and twisted mix of Anime fantasy characters, she is at times either a kawaii li'l fairy called Herself the Elf...or else a rather unfriendly Dark Elf known as Princess Sarcasm. Originally turned cute by the mad scientist Diol, she now alternates between good & evil dispositions depending on whether or not she's wearing her hair ribbon. If she's over-exposed to uber-kawaii things, she reverts into fairy mode to escape the pain. Naturally this means Sarcasm detests Hysteria.

Armed with a killer Zanba spatula, Sarcasm-hime's more proof that female avatars can kick ass on a whim. Her main hobby is gathering a small harem of handsome Anime studs to cater to her every desire, with Zelgadis leading the pack, Mosquiton playing the hapless butler, and SD Chic & Gorgeous as her faithful attendants.

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