Super Deformed Double Feature

The Scramble Wars


Parody is beloved the world over, but the Japanese take it a step further. Rather than wait for others to parody them, the creators of some of Japan's finest Anime go right ahead and do it themselves, using an exaggerated, "Super Deformed" style. Prepare yourself for an assault on your funny bone as Artmic, the creators of "Bubblegum Crisis," "Gall Force," and "Genesis Surviver Gaiarth" heap up a double-dose of dementia.
In "10 Little Gall Force," they take you onto the set of the Gall Force movie, as the animated characters flub their lines, the special effects guys screw up, the fans try to sneak onto the closed set, and the director pops aspirin, pepto-bismol, and numerous blood vessels. Then in "Scramble Wars," characters from all the famous Artmic series join together for a twisted takeoff of the Whacky Races.

Priss before the race Review:
Okay, if you have not seen either Gall Force or Bubble Gum Crisis, then do not watch this two-part omake. If, however you HAVE seen them by all means run out and snatch this one up as you will be laughing your ass off the whole hour. Some of the silliest stuff ever animated. My personal fav shot is where Sylia sticks her head out of the van just before turning on its booster rockets, and gives the other racers the finger...classic.

The video is out-of-print in the US, but is still available from some mail-order places. Try contacting AnimEigo.