Rating: 3½ Rampages Oh, the pain... Char!

Synopsis & Review:
The version I saw was un-subtitled...not that it really mattered. There are some things that transcend language barriers, and super-deformed mecha is definitely one of those things. Of the two episodes that I saw, the first was a 15-minute, extraordinarily goofy retelling of the original Gundam movies. Just like in the first film, we see a trio of Zakus fly towards Side 7, clamp onto the colony........and then realize, much to their chagrin, that their SD arms are much too short to reach the airlock at their feet. At this point we were on the floor....and it got even sillier from there. Imagine an SD mecha lounging in a lawn chair, or roasting an SD pig over a fire....or just look at the picture of the SD Black Trinary. There are some characters that just should NOT be super-deformed....aiya. Though I must say, SD Char completely stole the show. He's a helmet with arms and legs! Kawaii! *lol*

Probably damned hard to find, but if you can you'll laugh your ass off.