Sentimental Journey

Chaos' Rating: 1 Rampages

Episodes seen: 2 of 12

a bunch of girls.

Based on the game Sentimental Graffiti, this is a 12-episode series featuring 12 girls from different walks of Japanese life. Each show focuses on a different girl who reflects on how her life has been changed after meeting a boy (whose face we never see) who helped them out in tough times, but moved away before they could ever really thank him.

Chaos sez: I consider myself more patient with anime than Carnage, but even my patience was wearing thin with Sentimental Journey. I came walking out of this one shaking my head and thinking, "this is probably another sad statistic about how turning games into shows doesn't work."

First off, you need to be familiar with the Sentimental Graffiti premise if you're to understand and derive any enjoyment from the series. In the game, you (the hero) travel around Japan and meet these 12 girls, each of whom have a special memory about a mystery boy who helped them out and then abruptly had to move, and they've kinda fallen in love with him ever since. Now, the thing is that you (remember, the hero?) have no memory retention skills whatsoever. You (hero-boy) were the guy who helped out 1 of those girls...but only 1 of them. You (the heroine, if you feel so inclined) spend the entire game helping out each girl in their current life crisis, while trying to figure out which girl you actually helped out.

That said, each episode features a new face and situation, so there is no reoccurring character that I (me, the reviewer) was able to find. As a result, you can't really enjoy any of the characters. By the time you start to get to know them, the episode is over and a new girl's slated for next week. And there is no "hero" who meets her and has to try & figure out if he's the guy who helped her out in the past. All we see are flashbacks, and how this one special boy helped them out when they were younger. I saw episodes #1 & #7 of this series. Skipping 2-6, I didn't miss anything since there's no continuity outside of the game's original premise! Now episode #1 was about as enjoyable as staple-gunning my lips to a ceiling fan and then cranking it to the highest spin setting. The girl, an aspiring violinist, spends her entire time brooding way too much, and keeps getting stalked by some Austrian piano accompanist. By the end I wanted to bitch-slap her, and beat him senseless with the violin. This episode did nothing to redeem the already noted problems with the series.

The reason I gave this the 1 Rampage was because of episode 7, which had me laughing in the aisles. The girl here is a fraternal twin, and her twin brother looks (and acts) so damned feminine it's hilarious. The fun begins when she winds up having to pose as her twin brother, and go out on a date with a younger girl who's been infatuated with the brother for months now. Romantic mayhem with potentially yuri moments ensue. Much fun was had by all.

Please let the other episodes be like #7. Otherwise, you would do well to avoid this series--even if you enjoyed the game.

Available fansubbed.

Created 26-10-01