Virus Buster Serge

Rating: 3 Rampages Serge

2097, Neo Hong Kong. In the future, an unknown entity called Incubator has created a virus that is capable of infecting both man and machine. A special arm of law enforcement is created to protect the citizenry from the virus and its monstrosities. This agency, called STAND, consists of highly-trained individuals who wear Variable Gear, powerful suits of cybernetic armor that allow them to take on the virus' favourite target, Armored Gears (battle mecha).
As this new virus begins to spread and starts infecting even police Armored Gears, STAND is about to face another challenge. A young man named Serge has been having strange dreams that seem to have convinced him to avenge someone's death by killing the leader of STAND, Raven. All hell then breaks loose at the unveiling of a new Armored Gear, Shiguld, when not only does the Gear get infected by the virus, but Serge attacks Raven! However, Raven seems to have known about Serge all along, and has become fascinated by the young man's potential. He sets up the event so that Serge flees the scene by stealing one of STAND's transports, an EX Driver. In that vehicle, Raven has programmed the computer to stop itself and put a custom Variable Gear on Serge, hoping that it will awaken his latent battle skills. It does, and while the regular members of STAND were getting their rears handed to them by the Virus-Shiguld, Serge kicks its ass! Facing charges of theft and assault, Serge has no choice but to join STAND as one of its elite warriors. Will Serge find out what his dreams mean? What is the secret behind his awesome skills and strength? Who is Incubator?

Mirai Review:
Wow, a Masami Obari show that ISN'T completely mindless!! Aside from the horrid character designs (who the *krunk* keeps hiring this hack anyways?!!?!?) this is a pretty cool anime. The story seems quite interesting, the art is (usually) pretty neat, and the music isn't half bad. If you like shonen anime, you're likely to love Serge, and even if you aren't a big shonen fan, it's still worth a watch. Recommended.

Only available fansubbed at the moment.