Amazing Mister Masaru: Sexy Commando Side Story!

Rating: 4 Rampages the box cover.

Fumiya "Fu-min" Okometsubu is an exchange student who comes to a Wakame Highschool in his Junior year. He's a typical, shy nervous little boy but he is determined to make new friends and start a new life. He starts a plan to make 100 new friends. Things don't go quite according to plan though, as his first day at school also happens to be the first day that Masaru Hananakajima comes back to school. Rumor has it that he left school for the past 3 months to live in the woods and practice some sort of secret martial art. He also happens to be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet...and a complete weirdo who lives in this constant black hole of strangeness. Through a twist of fate, the two become "friends" (the twist of fate being Fu-min getting dragged around by Masaru constantly). Masaru starts a new club at school to demonstrate his secret new martial art- "Sexy Commando", and recruits kids from around the school. First is Fu-min, who gets haplessly drawn in. Next is Machahiko Kondo, a nice, honest boy who has this "thing" for being as manly as possible. After that, they run into Tsuyoshi Isobe, a boy who wants to be the strongest person in the world, and who isn't dissuaded by the fact that his body is built like balsa wood (his nickname is "Kyasharin", which basically means "living bones"). Together, they have many bizarre adventures - the Baseball Game of Honor, the Alien Camping Trip, the National Sexy Commando Tournament, Going to Masaru's house, the Kidnapping of Meso, and tons more.

Okay, Masaru-san wins it. He is hands down the freakiest, most bent character ever thought up. This guy makes the thought of the Tick as humanity's last bastion of sanity look like heaven. Weird doesn't even begin to describe him. He's not weird, or odd, or even a little slow...HE'S FUCKING INSANE!! We're talking seven cans short of a six pack here folks. If he weren't in a TV show, I'd be positively terrifed of this guy...there is some seriously faulty wiring up in that head of his. I mean Excel is pretty deranged and oblivious, but this guy is just...just...words fail me when I try to describe the black hole of insanity that is his mind. I mean, he's just so nice and calm...and at the same time utterly terrifying because you're afraid you'll be devoured by his utterly oblivious and insane mind. KOWAI!

I could probably ramble on and on about how frighteningly deranged Masaru is, but you all came here for a review right? Well, the first thing you'll notice is the really low grade art, as it seems the show didn't have much of a budget. It can be difficult sometimes to ignore how poor some of the character designs are, but generally the insanity of the show (and the main character) make up for any visual inadequacies. The opening song isn't quite as interesting as the animation that accompanies it...the song really has NOTHING to do with what you're seeing, but it's all good because you'll be laughing too much to care what the guy is singing about. Technically, Masaru-san: Sexy Commando Side Story is rather poor, but from a writing and character standpoint it is one of the funniest, most bent shows ever made. Just because they could, they inserted little "ukelele lessons" into the middle of a bunch of the early episodes. Like "Buying a Ukelele: be specific." drawn with little stick figures, and having absolutely nothing to do with the show at all, these just made the whole thing that much sillier. Don't expect any eye-candy from this show, as I said, the visuals are very low budget (but thankfully, still hand drawn) but the comedy is just top notch. Easily on par with such classics as the Ultimate Teacher and Prefectural Earth Defense Force for the "mind bogglingly bent" factor, Amazing Mister Masaru is another must see comedy for anyone who likes to do their laughing on the floor, with severe stomach pains.

Currently only available Fansubbed.