Street Fighter II


Rating: 3 rampages

Street Fighter II V: Ken Masters - the richest kid in America, and Ryu Hoshi- the country bumkin from Japan, are two best friends and martial arts experts. Reunited after many years apart, they've got a lot of catching up to do. What better way then to pick fights at the local bar, right? Well, they learn the hard way that skill alone isn't enough when it comes to a real fight. You need experience! Determined to improve their street fighting abilities (after getting the heck kicked out of them by Guile), the two set out to travel the world and get into as many fights as possible. First stop, Hong Kong. That's where all the fights are anyway, right? Luckly their beautiful tour guide Chun-Li Xiang knows where to find all the action. The pits of Hong Kong, Kowloon Palace. Hope our heroes are up to this.

After seeing the rather uninteresting SF2 movie, I wasn't expecting much from this one. Surprised once again, I rather liked this show. The character designs by the guys behind Gundam Wing are pretty well done, and the story is actually interesting enough to keep you going till the next tape. The fights are really well done, and the character backgrounds we are given (finally) are at least fairly believable. If you like shonen anime, this is right up your alley, and is a right sight better than crap like Toshinden or Art Of Fighting.

Available from Manga Entertainment.