Shadow Skill

Cover for the 1st video

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Gau and Ella, two practitioners of the same fighting technique, are on their annual pilgrimage to Gau's home ... and are beset by enemies with strength and speed (and who want them dead). Up to now, Ella has been taunting Gau with her superior skill, Now, though, if they are to survive their journey Gau must demonstrate his own unique ability and mastery of the Shadow Skill!

cover for the 2nd video Review:
*sigh* I really hate when studios do this. At only two episodes, this series whips. Great action sequences, nice character depth considering the time they had to work with, and really nice artwork. You can tell there is a lot more of a story there, you just donít get to see it. Oh well, maybe someone will pick it up and make it into the long OVA it deserves to be...yeah, and Totoros might fly out of my ass.

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