Shamanic Princess

When she smiles like this, run.

Rating: 4 Rampages

One night, a young girl arrives on Earth, alone except for her partner/pet Japoro. Her name is Tiara, and she is here on a mission to find her former lover, Kagetsu, who has stolen the mysterious Throne of Yord, source of power for the magical Guardian World.
As it turns out, Kagetsu has stolen the Throne to save his little sister, Sera, who is being held inside it as a sacrifice. When Tiara finally catches up with Kagetsu, however, she finds that he is not alone - her former acquaintance, Lena, and her partner, Leon, have sided with Kagetsu. The fate of their world, and young Sera's life, is about to be decided...

Just a girl and her ferret Review:
Now this is some of the finest art Iíve seen in a OVA series in quite a while. Right up there with Escaflowne for visual magnificence, things like the moving magical runes are just a wonder to behold. The character depth starts off rather good, but I donít know about further on in the series as Iíve only seen a few of the episodes. The story seems nice and easy to get into, and if it stays this good, I really want to see the rest of it. Worth watching.

Herself the Elf sez: I've seen all of Shamanic Princess, and it certainly lives up to its potential. The art and music are gorgeous, and the story has a melancholy sweetness that's played subtly, not overdone. The last two episodes of this 6-ep series are actually a flashback to before Tiara met Japoro, explaining the origins of the relationships between the main characters. There's a lot of old bitterness and friendships turned sour, misunderstandings and duty-before-love. Not too fast-paced, so if you like your anime hyperactive, you might find Shamanic Princess a bit slow. Otherwise, I'd say it's a must-see.

Available dubbed or subbed from Central Park Media.