Rating: 3½ Rampages Cover for the dub

Hiroya Matsumoto, hoping to become a great employee like his late father, has just been hired at Right Corporation, a top trading company. Little does he know that he's been recruited for a very mysterious department within the company - the Special Duty Combat Unit: SHINESMAN...which must face a terrible alien menace unbeknownst to Earth.
Like most corporate employees, Hiroya still has meetings to attend and deadlines to meet, but when the SHINESMAN team rage war against the alien race from Planet Voice, Hiroya and his co-workers don their office-coloured combat unit suits: sepia, grey, moss green, and salmon pink.
If you thought you'd seen it all in Power Rangers, Kamen Rider or even Dynaman, wait until you take a look at the zany corporate world of SHINESMAN!

Princess Sheena making her entrance Review:
When I first saw the box art, and skimmed across the back of the box, this seemed mildly interesting...b'sides, I didn't have anything particularly bad to watch that evening so I thought I'd give it a try. Boy, was I surprised. This is outright hilarious. The art is unspectacular, and the music isn't anything new, but the characters and story…Sepia? SEPIA?!? As soon as I heard the line "She's definitely one OVA short of a series" it was all over. I spent the rest of the hour laughing myself hoarse. Highly recommended, subbed or dubbed as the dub is even funnier in some respects.

Available subtitled or dubbed by AnimeWorks.