Silent Möbius The Movie

Rating: 2 Rampages

Based on the manga by Kia Asamiya. Tokyo is being haunted. Its newest building, the Spiral Tower, has been taken over by the evil spirit of Lucifer Hawke and is slowly being corrupted by him. Once proud architecture succumbs to rust and cobwebs. Facing this enemy is the AMP -- the Attacked Mystification Police -- Tokyo's team of magic-using women that have been vital to protecting the city since supernatural powers seem to be on the rebound. Flashback to several years prior to these events. Young Katsumi Liqueur has arrived in Tokyo from Hawaii to visit her ailing mother. Stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital, she leaves her taxi and wanders down a dark alleyway and runs into a manifestation of Lucifer Hawke. Luckily, she is saved by a nearby AMP agent. Unknown to Katsumi, her mother is a powerful mystic and a friend of Rally, the head of the AMP. Knowing the power hidden within her daughter will surely attract Lucifer, she asks the AMP to keep guard over Katsumi. Angry at the chaperone, and denying that she has any special abilities, Katsumi tries to escape from the AMP but soon finds herself at Lucifer's mercy. It is only through the sacrifice of her mother, who tricks Lucifer into thinking that she is her daughter, that Katsumi survives.
Now back to the present. Katsumi faces Lucifer yet again, but this time she's learned how to use her powers and there's no turning back. Can she defeat the monster that defeated her powerful mother?

Though I can't say I'm a huge fan of Kia Asamiya's artwork or story for the original manga, compared to this movie it's the next Ghost In The Shell. What went right: the character designs are faithful to the Manga (if you were a big fan of the designs) and the characters act and interact pretty much the same as their ink and paper counterparts. What went wrong: where to start? Although Asamiya's art was rather unrefined when he drew Silent Möbius, it was still pretty nice to look at and his perspective was very well done. This, on the other hand, has none of those qualities. The camera angles are totally uninteresting and formulaic, and the art isn't even up to the manga's standards. The voices are okay, but Katsumi and her Mom needed quite a bit of work. As for the story...*sigh* never try to fit a whole TV series worth of stuff into 80 minutes. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK!!! A 45 minute flashback?? What the hell is this, a Hugo novel?? The tension of the main battle is totally destroyed by the huge flashback cutting it in half, and the other fights and action sequences are just plain boring; no fire to them at all. The monsters are even more pathetic-looking than in the manga, and act like rejects from La Blue Girl. Since I saw the first episode of the new TV series on the same day I can safely say that it's way more worth your time if you liked the manga; this is a pile of crap in comparison. Not recommended.

Used to be available through Streamline pictures, but has not been picked up again by any one. Good luck finding anything but a fansub now.

The AMP team super-deformed

Silent Möbius TV

Rating: 3 Rampages Katsumi

Essentially an extened version of the same story from the movie, this new Silent Möbius show (98) works a hell of a lot better than the first movie. The animation is much cleaner and uses CGI in many places (unfortunately, often TOO many places) and the story now has the time to move at a more leisurely pace, allowing more fun with the characters. Though the first episode is as serious as the movie, Katsumi's whining is kept to a minimum, and there is ample comedy between the girls in the following episodes. The music, though hardly revolutionary, is still fitting to the scene, and the themes manage to avoid the familliar "crappy english song" syndrome. Although the Manga is still better than either the TV series or the movie (and that isn't saying a hell of a lot) this is much more worth your time than the movie if you're a fan. Recommended.

Soon to be available through