Battle Skipper

Rating: 2 Rampages

the cover art for Battle Skipper Synopsis:
Battle Skipper is an Anime about 5 girls who go to St. Ignacio's School for girls. The new girls Saori, Shihoko, & Kanami want to join a club, the Debutante Club is the club to get in if they want to be any one but they also find the Etiquette club quite interesting. The join the Etiquette club and that is were the fun starts; fighting crime, sexy guys, and thwarting the plans of women who will stop at nothing to take over the world is the job of the Exstars(The Etiquette club has a few secrets).

Nothing particularly new here; typical "girls and the mecha who love them" scenario, bad, dubbing, really dumb looking mecha (somebody's been watching SD Gundam a bit too often) uninteresting soundtrack and REALLY irritating main characters. Not really recommended, the sub might be better, but I have yet to find a subbed version so you might as well avoid it.

Available dubbed through U.S. Manga Corps

the girls of Battle Skipper